Don't Blame Square Enix Because Sony Can't Afford Exclusives

Greg Joachim writes: "The internet is full of sites, blogs, and news services where Square Enix is being called all kinds of names simply because they’re not content to publish their titles on one single platform. In particular, it’s the Sony breed of fanboy that appears to be the most emotionally distraught over Square Enix and their recent releases."

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NYC_Gamer2645d ago

well sony buys studios instead of 3rd party exclusives..which is more smarter in the long run

moho-foe2645d ago

And then Sonys studios share technology among them all. Smart!

masterofpwnage2645d ago

i think the only reason some people are is beause alot of people bought the ps3 for ff13 and ffv13. Now they are going multi, i bet you some people feel cheated, especially back then with the high ps3 price.

darksied2645d ago

Yeah, a lot of people are mad that FF13 isn't exclusive. You know what, that's just an excuse and misplaced anger; those people shouldn't be that mad that it isn't exclusive, they should be that mad cause the game sucked. The most lifeless FF13, and lo and behold, BOTH consoles get to bask in it's crappiness.

Hmm, maybe the PS3 guys wanted to be the ONLY ones to bask in it's crappiness.

PeaceWalker152645d ago

It's not that they can't afford it. There just not stupid enough to. They won't make nearly enough for what they would pay to keep something exclusive.

Hellsvacancy2645d ago (Edited 2645d ago )

I dont think Sony paid for Agent, R* probably begged Sony to take it in way of apology over GTAIV

PirateThom2645d ago

Agent is Sony getting their money back from LA Noire, considering they paid for its development and still don't have a game.

kratos172645d ago

agent is in exchange for timed gta exclusivity

jetlian2645d ago

Why would R* beg sony for anything? If anything sony should beg R* Sonys ps2 was more successful due to R* not sony's own doing. the notion that a 3rd party would beg is hilarious

FarEastOrient2645d ago

It isn't about them not being able to afford it, they just don't want to because there is a sugar daddy around the corner. Companies smaller than Square Enix is still making exclusives like Level 5, XSeed, Atlus, and even companies bigger than them like Sega, Bioware, and Ubisoft.

Applegate2645d ago

Paying a 3rd party dev to develop a game exclusively for a platform is actually is the same thing as paying for exclusivity.

Sony paid for Agent exclusivity by paying for LA Noire exclusivity.

PirateThom2645d ago (Edited 2645d ago )

Funny thing about LA Noire. It was funded by Sony, made by a former Sony developer who set up a new studio (Team Bondi) with a publishing agreement with Rockstar. Not so much "paid for exclusivity", which implies they paid to keep it off another system, more like "paid the development" so exclusivity was assured.

Really, it should have been SCE published... like Heavy Rain or LittleBigPlanet, but they opted to let Rockstar publish and the game ended up as nothing. Rockstar bought out the IP rights and had to give Sony "Agent" to pay it off.

Blaze9292645d ago

Got links for all your facts?

PirateThom2645d ago

Links for what? News from 2005?

Team Bondi being founded by the Brendan McNamara? The money Sony sunk into it? Rockstar picking up publishing?

Look, in terms of this game it's never open and shut and mostly rumour, but there's a lot of really basic information people don't seem to get with it.

Phil Harrison and Brendan McNamara did not get along, McNamara left Sony because of this, but was happy to make the game as long as SCEE weren't involved in any capacity. It's no secret. In 2004, in an interview, McNamara said "the project is wholly funded by Sony Computer Entertainment America. We have a long-term exclusive arrangement with SCEA." This was before the game was revealed, as a Rockstar published game, in 2005.... hey, the year Phil Harrison became president of Sony's newly formed "Worldwide Studios", the guy who rubber stamps game development and where funds go. Any decision to drop the game fell to a guy who did not see eye to eye with the guy developing said game. Of course it was dropped after wholly covering development costs and seeing no return. Rockstar picked it up from Sony, the first time Rockstar were mentioned was 2005 at E3.

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Simon_Brezhnev2645d ago

Wow why would Sony buy Square games when they owns some of Square Enix stock?

Alcon2645d ago (Edited 2645d ago )

I don't know why some people disagreed with you but it IS true.
Sony owns 8.25% of Square Enix ( )

Infernostew2645d ago

Yup. Sony pretty much bailed Square out when they were on the verge of bankruptcy from that horrid movie know as The Spirits Within. It's funny how SE has literally bitten the hand that used to feed them.

silvacrest2645d ago

well, they are paying for it now

aren't they?

NastyLeftHook2645d ago

what a poor article. i agree with you, in my opinion if i owned a company i would never want to dig deep in my pokets to get a game on my consol. think about it, if microsoft has to "PAY" developers to put it on their console, its really sad.

Tony-A2645d ago (Edited 2645d ago )

Can't afford exclusives


Just bought Media Molecule


PS: Would they really have to buy SE when their latest game sold 4 million on their console? Not to forget, it was already an exclusive in Japan, which was able to sell Limited Edition Slims, as well. They made money off of that semi-multiplatform game without doing much at all! Talk about financial trickery!

UnwanteDreamz2645d ago (Edited 2645d ago )

Square is being called names because their last game was sh*t. Greg Joachim is a hack. I know die hard FF fans who couldn't get through the first 20 hrs. Greg Joachim is a hack.

Myze2645d ago

The game wasn't great but it's nowhere near as bad as some people try and make it out, but sadly, it's one of the best games they have released this generation that wasn't on a handheld. Just shows how much Squaresoft/Enix have fallen in the last 5 or so years.

Death24942645d ago

Single, most effective response to this article. Kudos NYC gamer, kudos.

lordcrackpot2645d ago

"more smarter"....looooool

Raf1k12645d ago

To say Sony can't afford to buy exclusives is just stupid. Does this guy have any idea how much Sony spends in developing first party games?

Army_of_Darkness2645d ago

watch, by the time this console generation ends, Sony probably won't even need that much 3rd party support anymore considering the fact that they're army of first party developers keep on accumulating.

just think about how much excellent first party games that are gonna be released for the pS4 launch 7-8 years from now!

solidjun52645d ago

The fanboyish. Hmmm

Cold 20002645d ago ShowReplies(2)
sikbeta2645d ago

Flamebait article made by a FANBOY from the Ironical site

Sony don't pay For Exclusives any more, cos they Have Their Own First Party studios and that's the most smartest thing ever...

Why Pay to others for Multiplatform games that can be gimped and such cos eventually those games go multiplat and Devs already take other Architectures in mind, before the Deal is Done

Sony make with that money Awesome Exclusives and that's the Best Thing for Gamers

HolyOrangeCows2645d ago (Edited 2645d ago )

It's just a disgusting site that gets its hits by poking at fanboy hot spots.
It's about time that we ban Gofanboy, hiphopgamershow, planetxbox360, etc. from N4G.

Yep, Sony is REEEEEEAL poor. That's why they buy so many studios.

ALFAxD_CENTAURO2645d ago (Edited 2645d ago )

''Don't Blame Square Enix Because Sony Can't Afford Exclusives''

''well sony buys studios instead of 3rd party exclusives..which is more smarter in the long run''

Lol! and with Factual Evidence! good one Nyc_Gamer and 1 Bubble. No one can beat that phrase.

cjflora2645d ago

More smarter. I love irony.

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GunShotEddy2645d ago

They all pay for exclusives. Sony is just hurting right now because of the economy. Once business picks up, you'll see FF securely exclusive on Playstation again and BETTER FOR IT!