NowGamer: Hunted: The Demon's Forge Preview

NowGamer writes: "It’s hard to get that excited about Hunted. On a first glance it seems to be heading down such a predictable, un-ambitious and well-worn path. It has been described – probably to its detriment – as an old-school dungeon-crawler for the modern age and, while as redundant as that idea may sound, inExile has gone some way to sexing the whole idea up. First, we’re slightly sceptical about Hunted for its by-the-numbers character design, but on closer inspection, what seems to be a much more pressing issue is the idea that this is in fact taking the best elements from the dungeon-crawler and repurposing them for the modern age. Other than sharing a few key features, such as setting, general characters and abilities, Hunted has much more in common with the co-op found in Gears Of War or Resident Evil 5 than anything else".

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