CliffyB Long Term Development Plans Are Un-Epic Like

No don’t panic, Cliff Bleszinski isn’t planning to leave Epic Games. However, he has said that he wants to one day work on a game that is completely different to what currently materialises in the studio.

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NYC_Gamer2805d ago

finally wanna step outside the comfy zone..

scruffy_bear2805d ago

Wonder what CliffyB is thinking about maybe a platform game

dardinkay2805d ago

That would be awesome :D

mjolliffe2805d ago

It'll be very interesting to see Epic step out of the futuristic mind-blowing FPS/TPS and into a new genre. Hey, why not create a new genre!

Cajun Chicken2805d ago

Jazz Jackrabbit 2 still resides on my harddrive. Great game!

PhilipLarkin2805d ago

I believe the correct term in un-epical.

R2D22805d ago

on cliffy - I don't blame him after playing HR I felt like a I just witnessed something amazing and a birth of a new genre.

I will support any developer that is willing to take a chance and try something new.

Tilian2805d ago

I hope it did affect him -- we need more good developers taking risks on innovative IPs.

R2D22805d ago

I am really tired of FPS that usually revolve around the AMRY, Aliens, Zombies.

Can you imagine if some creatd a game with elements from Portal,Heavy Rain,Black and White, Alan Wake, Braid.

Simon_Brezhnev2805d ago (Edited 2805d ago )

Yeah i want a game gameplay like Uncharted but storytelling like Heavy Rain.

dirthurts2805d ago

I didn't care for Heavy Rain, one of the few I guess. I actually liked Uncharted's story telling style. Now if only they would come up with a better story...

shikwan2805d ago

Will there be anymore iterations of this game? It usually is with every Unreal Engine but I haven't heard anything yet.

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The story is too old to be commented.
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