Over 70 new White Knight Chronicles 2 screenshots released

White Knight Chronicles 2 is due out in Japan in a mere few months, and the hype machine is ramping up with the release of lots of information about the game, including over 70 new shots of the sequel in action.

Subtitled Awakening of Light and Darkness, White Knight Chronicles 2 picks up right where the first game left off and expands the world and story outlined in the original title.

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Seedhouse2837d ago

Awesome, hopefully this can build upon the first =]

AP2837d ago

First one had promise but ultimately failed to deliver on way too many levels... here's hoping this one is better! It looks better already.

N4GAddict2837d ago

Is the first game included in part 2?

Army_of_Darkness2837d ago

For a PS3 exclusive, I would have thought it would look at least as good as FF13, if not better.... well, lets just hope gameplay, battle system, etc.. makes up for it...

xTruthx2837d ago (Edited 2837d ago )

"I would have thought it would look at least as good as FF13, if not better"

What ? FF is a multi million dollar franchise. How is a new IP suppose 2 look better when they don't even have half the resources the FF team has.

Army_of_Darkness2837d ago

Isn't sony helping with the development cost?! I don't know??

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N4GAddict2837d ago

Looks a lot better than the first

tdrules2837d ago

I really have high hopes for this, wasn't a fan of the first, but hopefully they can correct the mistakes

AP2837d ago

Couldn't agree more. :)

BYE2837d ago (Edited 2837d ago )

I hope it will do well, but it will probably be the same as part one, only successful in Japan.

Tdmd2837d ago (Edited 2837d ago )

Funny as all the action happens a year later and still, Leonard is wearing the very same cloths! This guy needs to go out more and do some shoping! =]

Anyway, just finished the first one and I'm far from done with it - so I'm very excited for this sequel! Hope they can improve the online gaming and its quests.

By the way, I really really hope they can bring it to the west a lot faster this time around. If it gets here only a year later than it's release in Japan, I might be too addicted in FFXIV to even care anymore.

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