Is Japan Still The Centre of Gaming?

Japan has widely been recognised as the birthplace of mass-produced video games; anybody on the streets can tell you that. Nintendo, Sega, Capcom and Sony, massive players in the console gaming industry for the past three decades, were all founded in the curiously eccentric country, and each boast huge numbers of franchises which have become ingrained in the country’s culture. Gaming conventions, midnight launches and cosplay competitions are common events in the land of the rising Sun, which means some readers may raise their eyebrows when I challenge the notion that Japan remains the centre of gaming in the twenty-first Century.

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NYC_Gamer2985d ago

the western market has took charge of gaming this gen...

Cevapi882985d ago

it built the foundation for a great industry and it saved gaming in the 80's....for that I give Japan respect

tunaks12985d ago

2 of the big three are Japanease,
so yes I would say it is.