No More Heroes debuts new designer lingerie

GrE writes, "You come home from a long crappy day at work. Your lady is there, not to nag you to take out the trash or bitch because you spend to much time on Modern Warfare 2. Oh not today my friend, today she is sporting some brand new No More Heroes 2 lingerie..."

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roblef2925d ago

Seriously? We don't have enough misogyny out there?

CrAppleton2925d ago Show
bgrundman2925d ago

I am with you... this seems like it takes a step backwards for the maturity of the industry. If you want to be considered publicly acceptable, we need to prove ourselves worth of that acceptance. This does NOT do that at all.

Baka-akaB2925d ago

why should we ? i dont need public acceptance .
So far all "public acceptance" brought us is dumb "games are too hard" articles .

We dont have to be any kind of exemple or to prove squat , when one of the big splash of 2010 primetime tv was Spartacus : Blood and Sand .... a serie that could easily just be called "Spartacus : show them titties and blood"

bgrundman2925d ago

Well when you are already lumped in with school homicides and murder simulators, this doesn't help matters much. If anything, this shows the true purpose of the skimpy wardrobe in the game was not for artistic merit, but instead shameless titillation.

starven2925d ago

I sense a whole new era of Cosplay coming to town

CrAppleton2925d ago

And a sexy orgy too... maybe... we'll see if I can free my schedule

CrAppleton2925d ago

Effing sweet! Where are the playboy centerfolds??

Neco5122925d ago

I will second that want for some extra skin pics :)

Neco5122925d ago


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The story is too old to be commented.