PSP2 Must Be Priced at $199 or Lower, Nintendo Has Lots of Naysayers to Silence

It's once again time for our monthly Q&A column with Wedbush Morgan Securities' Michael Pachter. In this edition, the analyst examines this year's E3, the chances for Sony to revive its PSP business with PSP2, the Facebook/Zynga relationship and more. Dig in..

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Nitrowolf22863d ago

well as much as i would like to see it at that price, with the rumor feature it has i don't see that happening

NYC_Gamer2863d ago

sony should just stick with the reg psp for right now...

Nitrowolf22863d ago

well i don't think sony is going to unveil a psp2 at E3
It would surprise me if they did, but right now the PSP is getting plenty of support. With new hit games like MGS, GOW, KH:BBS, and some other unreleased games i don't see Sony just revealing a new one unless of course it has backward capability.

Raf1k12863d ago

PSP2 with BC is an instant buy for me but I agree that it probably won't be announced at E3. Maybe next year.

Blaze9292863d ago

Well I think that if it is rumored to have a 3G/4G feature then it might as well be a phone. It has the touch screen check. Think about all these smart phones these days without contract are $400+. I wouldn't mind buying a PSP2 at $400 if it has the specs rumored to have and also be a phone.

They should go the iPad route. One that is a phone and one that isn't.

But yeah with those rumored specs, I doubt it'll be anywhere near "$199.99 US dollars" - lol...

Noctis Aftermath2863d ago

$199 would make the hardware disappointing, $249 is a better price, it will allow for a much faster system.

Also the only backwards capabilities i want to see on the PSP2 is for downloadable games ONLY, using UMD would be terrible.

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360RRODFIX2863d ago

199$? Doubt it, especially considering how weak dollar is.

sikbeta2863d ago

WTF is this guy talking about...AGAIN?

Naysayers? PSP is doing great and all, but Nintendo Still Being the Handheld king, other Devices that Aren't Gaming Handhelds Don't Count! so this is DS and PSP...

What Sony need to do, is Just Make an Awesome PSP2 with More Features and Unhackeable, want a hint? 1 Device which is the Result from the Join of 2 Divisions From Sony Corp...

boodybandit2863d ago

Don't you think you should get out of the crystal ball business and get a real job?

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hill712863d ago

thats another thing hes got wrong today

BeaArthur2863d ago

The face he's making in that photo looks like someone told him he was wrong 85% of the time. He looks like he's in pain.

ALFAxD_CENTAURO2863d ago (Edited 2863d ago )

PSP2 will have tech that will cost more than $200.

Besides it will have 3D, and that's 100% guaranteed, like PS3 already have it.

But PSP2 need to be retrocompatible, because the PSP it's having a lot of new games coming.

But like always, Patcher is wrong.

sikbeta2863d ago

PSP2 will more than a Handheld Gaming Device, it'll part of what Sir H.Stringer got in Plans for long ago, Not The Device itself, but it'll be a demonstration of his ideas...

fullmetal2972863d ago (Edited 2863d ago )

Consoles, let alone handhelds, just don't have the specs to run 3D games. Sure the PS3 does support 3D and you could argue back saying you saw wipe running on 3D, but sacrifices had to made. The resolution had to be cut in half from 1080p to 720p and the frames went from 60 to 30. I imagine arcade games being able to run 3D but never games like killzone 2 or UC2.

Anyway, what Sony needs to do is put "gaming" back in handheld gaming console. Part of the reason why DS is beating the PSP despite being technically inferior is thanks to its game lineup. Instead of making a new PSP with double the specs and adding more features the consumer isn't going to use in their lifetime, make the gaming experience much more enjoyable and include useful features such as the touch screen and a accelerometer to give to give developers the opportunity to make some creative and fun games.

madmonkey02863d ago

i reall want patcher to say psp2 is doomed, because if he does it will 100% guarantee that it will do well!

xHarvey2863d ago

LOL bubbles up.

On topic: Yeah if the PSP2 starts at a price tag of 200 dollars that would be great.

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