The White Knight Chronicle – New Quests for May 20th

PS3Attitude: This week in White Knight Chronicles four new quests are now available. Are you prepared to enter the Belly of the Beasts?

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sam22362893d ago

Can anyone tell me what this game is like? Is it any good?

Tdmd2892d ago

It's not a triple A, but it IS really good. Is, also, the kind of game that you invest more time online than offline. If you like jrpg and grinding, this one is very worthy - and very addictive.

WildArmed2892d ago

Yeah thats how I'd describe it in a nut shell.

It's more about co-op play and constant material farming to make the next best equipment.

On a side note:
For the permenant quest, whats the boss?
Megalo Terras? or w/e (Earth Beast)

FamilyGuy2892d ago

Troll King with 2 Megalo Tigris.