5 Reasons You Bought a PS3

For new owners of the PlayStation 3, whether it was bought for games or movies, you should be rest assured that the money was well spent. The PS3 has many things to offer, and there are plenty of features and games that have been a huge decision factor for making the PS3 the console of choice. Check out 5 reasons that might have made you buy a PS3.

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dizzleK2984d ago

i've read this story every day this week.

FishCake9T42984d ago

1. God Of War
2. Killzone
3. Metal Gear Solid
4. Uncharted
5. (And my most important reason)Man Furismo Jive

darthv722984d ago

I wanted it.

Simple, straight forward, no arguments there.

I didnt take into consideration the cell, or bluray or exclusives, or free online, or it only doing everything.

Those are just the standard features that are thrown in from the dealer.

Elimin82984d ago

What are you gonna take from me next, seeing as how you stole my unfinished list....

RageAgainstTheMShine2983d ago (Edited 2983d ago )

'PlayStation' is synonymous to the word 'video games'. Plain and simple.

Same with Nintendo.

Can Microsoft destroy this fact?

Microsoft is an annoyance that has very little knowledge in console gaming.
M$ should have stuck with its own tradition: PC and PC gaming and maintained its integrity. The nerve of them bringing all the problems of PC gaming in consoles.

YoungKiller252983d ago (Edited 2983d ago )

i think that microsoft has found a niche for themselves in the gaming market. Where i am if i were to say i had Call of Duty people would say whats your gamertag not PSN ID, The Xbox 360 is more well known than the PS3 where i live.

On Topic
Also when i bought a Ps3 i had no clue any of those games would ever come out, i bought it solely because i thought and still think it is hands down better than a 360 period, no games involved.

frostypants2983d ago


That game alone made having a PS3 worthwhile. It was (and is) the most unique game I've played in years. I think it will be looked back upon as one of the most important games ever made when the dust settles, in terms of the impact it will have on future titles.

Kleptic2983d ago

It was actually Warhawk that convinced me to buy it...because I loved the idea of Sony bringing back legacy PS1 titles to the modern era of gaming...funny though, right after I bought mine in march 2007, Sony/Incognito announced that Warhawk was going online only and was 100% different than the original title...

but oh well, the game still rocked...and still does...and of course there was anticipation for GT5, MGS4, GTAIV, and whatever else known back then...but it was Warhawk that got me to buy it at the time I did (at that point the game was scheduled for a late april release, it was then delayed.......happened a lot back then)...

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MorganX2983d ago

3)HD Audio
4)To see if the fanboy graphic hype was true re: #5
5)UC2, GOW3, bought em, playin' this weekend. To date Gears 1 is the best graphical game in existence. More Resolution and textures don't in and of themselves = beautiful looking/moving game. We'll see.

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Blaze9292984d ago

similar. I only had 1 reason and it was Killzone 2 ever since I seen that tech demo.

inveni02983d ago

It's strange, but I bought mine at launch for these reasons:

1) Price with extra features (Wifi, Wireless Controller, HD, etc) was cheaper than 360.
2) GTA4

What's ironic about that is that GTA4 went multiplat...and I didn't much care for it. FFXIII went multiplat...and I didn't even buy it. I don't use the Wifi because it doesn't stream 720p video well enough.

Basically, all of my reasons have been nullified. BUT what's awesome about that is that Sony has given me an infinite number of reasons to not regret my purchase. They are the only company in the industry that is evolving games for my class of gamer, while also bring in motion control 3D. They never make me think they're going to give up on the games I like, either. They just expand. They don't refocus...they evolve, and the quality of their games shows it.

Darkstorn2984d ago

Uncharted 2 is far from the best game ever made. Everybody knows it's MGS4 ;D

My point is that BOTH GAMES ARE ON PS3 :D:D:D

Kleptic2983d ago

ah i would have a hard time picking one over the other for best single player game I've ever played...MGS4 was non-stop absolutely awesome for me...but Uncharted 2 some how did the same thing, even though i was thinking it could never top MGS4 for me...

both are very different...but absolutely awesome...MGS4 is a lot more complex, story and gameplay wise, but Uncharted 2 is a little easier to get into if that makes any sense...both are great games that I am happy I didn't miss...

inveni02983d ago

I've been gaming since 1985. I know that many people have been gaming longer, but that's how long I've had a console(s) in my home. And in all that time, the only game that I might put ahead of Uncharted 2 is Super Mario Bros. 3. And the only reason I put it that high is because I can still pick up and play that game for a couple of hours without getting bored. I can't think of a Zelda or MGS or Sonic or [whatever] that I can say that about. Uncharted 2, however, I have played more times than I can count, and I still don't get bored. If I can pick it up in 15 years and still have fun, then I'll put it ahead of SMB3.

HolyOrangeCows2984d ago (Edited 2984d ago )

1) Games
2) Free Online with more dedicated servers
3) Blu-ray
4) It'll be a viable system years after the others hit the dust
5) More games

ELite_Ghost2984d ago

yea that site totally forgot free online...

cyborg69712984d ago

all of the returning franchises
i have had the first 2
my friends have them
free online gameplay

ico922984d ago (Edited 2984d ago )

1. MGS4 , without a doubt my favourite game this gen im currently through my 7th playthrough

2. God of War 3 , after god of war 2's ending buying a ps3 was mandatory

3. Gran turismo 5 the only true racing simulator series

4. RE5 i loved RE4 and was eager to play 5

5.Heavy rain i remember seeing this game way back in 2006 i was blown away

EvilBlackCat2984d ago (Edited 2984d ago )

1. Because i follow THE GAMES i like wherever they go and not the consoles.
2. Because i follow THE GAMES i like wherever they go and not the consoles.
3. Because i follow THE GAMES i like wherever they go and not the consoles.
4. to have a Blu Ray in the Living Room.
5. Because i can afford more than 1 platform.

and the famous disagrees arrive without an explanation of why he disagree with MY REASONS.

boodybandit2984d ago (Edited 2984d ago )

1. I
2. love
3. quality
4. video
5. games

The original Playstation was one of my favorite consoles I have ever played video games on and the Playstation 2 (for me) surpassed the original. Therefore I figured the Playstation 3 was a no brainer and I haven't regretted it since launch. Now it's just flat out amazing and on it's way to becoming my favorite consoles of all time.

XactGamer2984d ago

Why do people need reasons?

sikbeta2984d ago

2·God of War 3
4·Team Ico's Masterpiece, at that time there wasn't any announce, but I knew another Game by them is going to come out = TLG
5·R:FOM, loved that game since the First trailer

BWS19822983d ago (Edited 2983d ago )

it was the fact that it was cheaper than the 360 for me, and that it is/was more reliable, statistically. I was insulted that MS expected me to essentially 'lease' a console for 3 years or buy a new one. I wanted to "purchase and keep" one, reliably and with confidence, and it was cheaper to do so with a PS3 with all I needed (I NEEDED WiFi and a giant HD for what I wanted, hence "my needs"), because MS had all the stuff PS3 came with classed as "an extra"

I'm not a fanboy though, I now have a 360 and love the games I have on it too. I just decided to start with PS3 for the reasons above (plus the exclusives I wanted couldn't be bought for my laptop, because I bought Gears 1 and Bioshock and ME 1 all for my laptop, which at the time were big 360 exclusives)...

I broke it down to practicality, there was no malice or fanboyism...

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FiftyFourPointTwo2984d ago

1. because
2. It
3. Only
4. Does
5. Everything.


Luzce2983d ago

it may have the awesome-est games library, but how can you say it does everything? Specially now that Sony has gone away from it being the single home media center and made it more of just a gaming console.

PS3 FTW, my only console... but it's far from doing "everything".

darthv722984d ago

who can really disagree with liking video games as a reason to purchase a system?

Oh..i see. It was because you said 360 in your comment. I wont hold it against you even if others do.

Pandamobile2984d ago

I wanted a Bluray player so I bought my friend's PS3 for $75

Pandamobile2984d ago (Edited 2984d ago )

I'm not, I actually bought my PS3 off my friend.

Have I bought any games for it? Only a few used games. Console games are way too expensive to justify the investment.

(a new PS3 release in Canada would cost more than I paid for the system after tax)

EvilBlackCat2984d ago (Edited 2984d ago )


Why buy a game today that you can have it later(1 3/4 year) for $30

But of course Collectors Editions are a 1st day buy.

darthv722984d ago

if you ARE serious then bully for you. Great deal on a great system. You could say you just havent found the type of game that suits your style. Nothing wrong with having a ps3 for movies as you said you got it.

Hey, regardless of how you use it, you are still considered a ps3 owner which sony thanks you for that.

OpenGL2984d ago

I only own 11 or so games for the PS3 and 360 combined as they're quite expensive. I'd rather spend that money on retro and Steam games than get every single new console release.

Also pretty foolish of your friend to sell a PS3 for $75 Canadian, but still a great deal for you.

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raztad2984d ago


Great price you got there. Congrats. BD is really awesome. I love it.

I' m with you in that console games prices are way too high. I understand devels need to recoup investment but $60 is still a lot. Second hand/bargain bin is always a good workaround. Most games are definitely NOT day one.

nycredude2983d ago (Edited 2983d ago )

That's funny cause I bought my xbox from my friend for $75 and it came with Halo three, Fable 2, Top Spin 2, Forza 1, and on top of that I get the occasional E68 error for free also! I thought it was a great deal until i traded all of that in the other day for over $120!!!

It helped pay for my Asus G73JH-A1 gaming laptop!! Woohoo

On Topic. My reasons are:

1) No nickle and dime tactics for Peripherals.
2) Sony's track record in the gaming industry
3) Exclusive games are butter
4) Lots of my friends have one
5) Free online

5 ways my choice were justified:

1) Uncharted Series
2) MGS4
3) Demon's Souls
4) Killzone 2
5) Gow 3

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