EverQuest II ponies up new cash mounts

Hot on the heels of World of Warcraft's Sparkle Ponies, Sony's Station Marketplace is now featuring a range of EverQuest II Prowler "cash mounts" in exchange for real world currency.

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StixRemix2927d ago

It never ceases to amaze me what sorts of things come out for these types of games...

Saryk2927d ago

I sold my Everquest 1 account for $300.00. By no means a ton of cash, but I was pissed and ready to quit. I sold 2 EQ2 characters for $500, combined, $200, for a 75 SK and $300 for a 75 Necro, both on the Sony Exchange store. Now they are now selling mounts for cash and they will make money off of them. Buying items like this has got to be the stupidest things I can imagine, but that is Capitalism for you, sucker born every minute.

And if they make money, they will spew out more crap. And other companies will take note and then everyone will be selling crap.

I can and will never understand buying accounts, characters or Barbie doll items for a avatar, I thought earning it was the whole point.