Army may use Xbox Project Natal, via Microsoft research

The Army's getting early access to Microsoft's Project Natal motion and voice recognition system for the Xbox as part of an expanded military partnership with Microsoft Research.

Natal could be used to add "Minority Report" style controls to military systems, according to an Information Week report.

There was no word on any plans to militarize Nintendo's Wiimote.

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Drjft3131d ago

Do you mean movable holographic screens? Ubisoft has already taken that step with R.U.S.E

It's fully playable on touch screen tables/TV's. I don't think the whole floating paper thing screens are far off.

DigitalRaptor3131d ago (Edited 3131d ago )

I hope that the Army is ready to be let down...

Alcon Caper3131d ago

I think this is an exciting prospect for the Army. What's encouraging is that they're exploring a more natural interface that would cut back on expensive training. That's actually exciting when you consider how the Army could implement this...

Jack Klugman3131d ago

natal coming to a battle zone near you!

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Wrathman3131d ago

wow.something about battle zones and natal really pi$$ed dark onion off.

wots that all about?

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The story is too old to be commented.