Halo: Reach Beta Now Closed

Having arrived on 3rd May, the Halo: Reach multiplayer beta has today drawn to a conclusion. A rather unfortunately stuttered start, three playlist updates and an unexpected extra day later, many gamers know now what to expect of the Xbox 360 exclusive’s impressive multiplayer component when Halo: Reach arrives at retail later this year.

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Jack Klugman2978d ago

some major jonesing going on in the forums.. this game is going to be so huge when it releases.

mjolliffe2978d ago

I still think it's going to be huge and easily one of if not the best selling game of 2010. However, I do think that the buzz surrounding it has gone down a smidgen...

Still, I'm very much looking forward to it and it's a day 1 purchase :)

kevco332978d ago

I think that's inevitable after a beta though. After you've had a taste, there' a lot less guess work involved - it's much less of an unknown quantity for people to hype about.

N4GAddict2978d ago

After Black Ops, Reach will be the best selling games of 2010

N4GAddict2978d ago

The beta was great. Full game will be even better

mittwaffen2978d ago

Not impressed; doubt i'll buy it and I love halo, just bored of all these FPS'es.

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