The Force Unleashed 2 site updates, shows Kamino

The teaser site (linked at the bottom) for Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2 just received an update showing a Starkiller in front of a stormy Kamino, hinting at the already rumored details regarding his cloning at the beginning of the game.

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DarkSpawnClone2831d ago

LMAO!!!! thats kind of funny,can't wait tho. XD! "Yoda's swampy home world!!!" XD!!!(damn this stuff is good.:P) the first game was fun to kill things some times it was like Hah! i have a lightsaber And! Over POWERED! force Lightning DIE!!!!!,i hope the next one is geting it,wooo!
i need a new star wars game.(Really want Star Wars BattleFront 3,hope its at E3 ;)