Virgin on the offensive for 360 & PS3

CVG: The announcement of a Virgin box that offers glitch-free Cloud gaming from the world's top developers - as well as TV, movies and web browsing - would instantly render disc-based consoles endangered.

If Richard Branson pulls it off by stealth - perhaps with an OnLive-esque micro-console that plugs into existing Virgin boxes - that menace would be multiplied tenfold.

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Ocelot5252927d ago

it will fail like virgin interactive failed

Montrealien2927d ago

TO be fair, Virgin sold Virgin interactive and then Titus failed, lol

UltraNova2927d ago

Holy shit! Imagine if this theory came true! It will be video-game second coming!

HammockGames2927d ago

Meh, I'm not big on this Branson fella'. His reputation as a bit of an egomaniac precedes him. But he is a rich egomaniac, so perhaps he'll give this a push afterall.

Side note. Anyone see the infamous episode with him on the Colbert Report? (getting his panties in a not 'cuz he couldn't take a joke, then tossing a glass of water on Colbert)

Christopher2927d ago

No such thing as glitch-free. And cloud gaming will only give ISPs in the U.S. more ammo for capped internet bandwidths. I'll be sticking with my PC, 360, and PS3, thankyouverymuch.

Chubear2927d ago

If they can deliver then it's all good for gaming. I for one welcome more competition and more variety.

Double Toasted2927d ago

Virgin? Hmmm...using Sprint towers for this maybe? I kidd, I kidd...

sikbeta2927d ago (Edited 2927d ago )

What is this, an Onlive service cloned thing or something?

IF so, Screw you...Physical Media FTW!!!

vhero2927d ago

@cgoodno Virgin provide there own cable broadband so the capping wouldn't be an issue since they own the ISP. So virgin in this case would be a great option as fibre optic broadband is 10X better than ADSL as you always get a steady speed. I doubt this would be to touch PS3 and 360 but maybe it would hurt wii as this would hit the casual gamers as hardcore gamers wouldn't really be interested in this.

kneon2927d ago

not in North America, as far as I know they only have cable in the UK. the other issue is that outside of the UK the Virgin brand doesn't mean much to most people. Sure they may have heard of it but it's not like people will get excited about a Virgin Game Console. It would have to be exceeding good to gain any traction here. On the other hand an Apple console would probably sell no mater how crappy, under featured and and over priced it is.

dgroundwater2927d ago

I thought it was a joke too. "The announcement of a Virgin box..."? That sounds like every console ever made ;)

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djfullshred2927d ago

PS3 & 360 are well entrenched into the gaming world. Seems like they are too late to the party to start a revolution in how people buy & play games. What reason would I have to ditch the current platform I have, where I have already spent a few grand on games & movies over the last three years?

RememberThe3572927d ago

Because I'm damn sure my internet couldn't handle streaming a 720p game. It's a nice thought but lets keep the doom and gloom over Cloud gaming for the next generation.

Hideo_Kojima2927d ago (Edited 2927d ago )

By streaming live TV at SD and 720p resolutions to millions of people at the same time?
The only issue would be the ping but if anyone can do it it is virgin with their cable connections.

I would join Virgin Media if I didn't live in a cable-less area because streaming TV through my BT cooper line would mean when I watch HD channels i would not be able to use the internet.

CRAIG6672927d ago

i cant see why it wouldnt work,i can stream 1080p movies on zune to my 360 so you know...

Cernunnos2927d ago (Edited 2927d ago )

Ping my friend. From the moment you push the analogue stick on the controller 'till the command is sent to the server and the data is sent back to you again. So aiming in FPS's for instance would be near impossible. On a good connection you would get at least 30-50ms ping. Remember the Killzone 2 "controller lag"? Well that was due to a 7ms delay, the normal is 3-4 on consoles. So much hate for 3ms extra, what do you think 30 extra ms will do?

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