Demonic Flying Horse Glitch in Red Dead Redemption

When you do something as evil as tying a nun to some railroad tracks, you have to expect retribution from on high. Ladies and Gentleman, please enjoy this most enjoyable Red Dead Redemption glitch: The Demonic Flying Horse.

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ClownBelt2957d ago

Lmao. That was quite hilarious.

sixaxis2957d ago (Edited 2957d ago )

this is funny but also sad, they really should patch it. im gonna buy it tomorrow and im a bit afraid of what else can be done, i hope not something which can be used against other players (skywalk or something).

Proxy2956d ago

Reminds me of this classic video.

Sam Fisher2956d ago

from clash of the titans(2010 ver) made a kameo

Corepred42956d ago

i don't know what i laughing harder at, the way the guys laugh like retards or how they sound like women when they laugh.

villevalorox2956d ago

the dude laughing was fcking uhhh... "HAHAHHAHAHAAH HAHAHAHAH AAAHAHHAAHH!"

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knight6262956d ago

more like demonic laugh that shit is scary...imagine u at night alone and u hear that laugh

Evildoomnerd2956d ago

The very first hydraulics prototype!

Kakihara2956d ago

That comment coupled with your avatar might just make you my hero.

quantumriian2956d ago

This game is hands-down amazing but the glitches online are so disappointing. My friends and I have all experienced disappearing players, horses, and weapons. I saw a video on youtube that captured several people running around on invisible horses before it was removed by Take-2...Looked like the Witches of Eastwick invaded New Austin

By the way:


I was playing on launch night with my buddies and immediately started getting all sorts of problems in addition to this disappearing nonsense including being randomly placed into a different free roam than your posse and disconnections seemingly for no reason.

I don't understand how such large and glaringly obvious problems could not only escape the attention of the people who spent years building the game, but also the reviewers and online community. I've taken to voicing my complaints to every RedDeadDev I see online until they leave the game/free roam and- with any luck- go to work on a patch for their broken masterpiece.

I implore you to do the same (make sure you mention the additional events you'd like to see added to free roam like horseshoes and poker!)

GAM3R7l2956d ago

The game only released 3 days ago.

farrelljade2956d ago

couldnt agree anymore!! my copy has just arrived this morning im currently at work(UK) so havent had a chance to play yet but from what ive heard and seen something needs to be done about the mp. people need to follow @quantumriian's lead and let any R* dev they encounter know about the glitches. even go on the website and tell them!

this game has a lot of potential if these problems are sorted!!

Meryl2956d ago

lol that is not what xfans say when it's a ps3 exclusive, aparantly a game fails if it has bugs on day 1 purchase

C L O U D2956d ago

LMAO I remember watching this yesterday, The way the guys are laughing and you know he was laughing so hard the controller was put down on the table.

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