Beat Shaun Wright-Phillips at Split/Second Velocity

Manchester City and England winger Shaun Wright-Phillips is a keen gamer, and he's set down an impressive marker on the forthcoming Split/Second Velocity as a challenge for anyone who's planning on investing in the game this week.

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Gamester1012805d ago

Maybe if he spent less time playing games and more time training he would be a decent football player... OH SNAP!

fOrlOnhOpe572805d ago

more time being injured? Maybe they should have introduced an ambulance race for him.
Im jealous really. 80 grand a week on the treatment table = gaming paradise lol

Chabbs02805d ago

Lets hope he can play this better than he can cross a ball.

redDevil872805d ago

Knowing him he'll get to the finish line and fail to deliver

Infernostew2805d ago

We've known that one for some time.

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