GameStop: PS3 Out Of Stock 80 Percent Of The Time

Analysts have suggested hardware shortages shoulder part of the blame for industry sales shortfalls over the past few months -- but retailer GameStop says constraints for PlayStation 3 are severe.

On the company's quarterly results call to investors, chief operating officer Paul Raines said that in its stores, PS3s have been out of stock a surprising 80 percent of the time during the company's February-April quarter.

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The Wood3133d ago

according to 'some' ¬_¬

The Wood3133d ago (Edited 3133d ago )

one of colds buddies even threw up links of stores just to prove otherwise.. He was very...lets say... dedicated.

solidjun53133d ago

I think I know who you are talking about! he likes to sign his name on N4G and he's a clown. Figuratively and Literally. Litterally because of his avatar! ^_^

FlipMode3133d ago

But people on N4G said Sony was lying about the shortages -_-

EvilBlackCat3133d ago

Hey moron what Sony is doing is just making sure that all this old slim models get sold.

Dont believe me?

What happens if today Sony announce a new sku with more HDD and a game?

gaffyh3132d ago

So EvilBlackCat, did you just prove that you are an alternative account for clown belt/cold 2000? Because you seem to be taking the comment a little personally.

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beardpapa3133d ago

I took a picture of the PS3 stock at Walmart a couple months ago. It was out of stock then.

The very same Walmart is still out of stock on PS3s today, almost as elusive like the Beatles Rock Band for Wii.

I'm not saying it's out of stock everywhere, but the shortage is there and nabbing a PS3 isn't as easy as walking into a store and getting one out. You actually need to look for one.

Tony-A3133d ago (Edited 3133d ago )

Same here. Wal-Mart seem to sell the most PS3s around the cities I go to, apparently (Methuen, Haverhill, Springfield, Fall River, New Bedford MA)

Whenever I go to one, they have 0-1 PS3s in stock... literally that much. It must be because I go on weekends/payday.

Whenever I ask a Gamestop, they usually say "No Slims, sorry. We have a used _GB Phat, though."

Best Buy and Target are pretty much the same as Wal-Mart around here.

I had to go to a small pawn shop to find a good-looking PS3 and even then it wasn't a Slim. I'm selling the Phat that I found to a friend, though. I'm dead-set on getting the Slim at any means. To be honest, it's getting kind of annoying. Now I know how Wii owners felt trying to find a Wii.

RageAgainstTheMShine3133d ago

If Xbox 360 is also out of stock what will that mean?

Sarcasm3133d ago

"If Xbox 360 is also out of stock what will that mean?"

But it's not, what does that mean?

duplissi3133d ago

yeah, i work at best buy and we are completely out...

i live in maine too so its not like im in a big city or anything

maines population is about 1 mil.. and maine is 2 times the size of mass.

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ClownBelt3133d ago

Lies! According to Cold there was no shortages this last couple of months.

Simon_Brezhnev3133d ago

lol anything Cold says is a lie

Parapraxis3133d ago

not a lie, rather, sheer ignorance.

sikbeta3133d ago


lol So, it's True after all, Sony Haters, what are you going to say now?

PS3, sure It Only Does Everything...

Bzone243133d ago

"PS3, sure It Only Does Everything... "

Even create false shortages?

Crystallis3133d ago (Edited 3133d ago )

oops misread the post. Why would anyone believe Cold "The Fanboy"...?

Nineball21123133d ago

So, does this put to rest the idea that the shortages are all just made up to justify lower sales the past few months?

Why would GameStop lie about this?

djfullshred3133d ago

I don't know why people think there is some kind of conspiracy about stories saying there are shortages. My old spare PS3 died a few weeks ago, and I decided to buy a new one to replace it...after not finding any in four local stores that sell game hardware I gave up. Amazon had them backordered too.

Pennywise3133d ago

I tried to find one the other day and I had to call about 20 places before I found one @ BestBuy.

IdleLeeSiuLung3133d ago (Edited 3133d ago )

I think it is pretty clear that there is a shortage as it is reported by multiple retailers/etailers.

I think the issue is more when it seems available and manufacturer are reporting a lack thereof. There is also a conspiracy that Nintendo and in this case Sony held back stock to artificially create a shortage to stimulate demand longer. I think that is BS though....

RememberThe3573133d ago (Edited 3133d ago )

It's better to have a shortage now than when GT5 and Move come out.

nnotdead3133d ago

shortages where going on when GOW3 came out. why would they want to have a shortage during one of their biggest games.

djfullshred3133d ago

Businesses know that lack of supply of hardware does not stimulate demand. At least when it is not a new product anynore. By this time, anyone pondering buying a PS3 is probably fickle, or on the fence. They are missing out on all the impulse buying customers by not having the product on the shelf.

For example, in my case I was trying to buy a 2nd unit for my bedroom TV. But since that day I felt that impulse & couldn't find any, I had more time to think about it, and decided not to buy a second unit.

blackmagic3133d ago

I think that at $299 Sony is still loosing money on the PS3 which is supported by the fact that the games division lost almost a billion dollars last year. I think Sony has been pushing hard to get their 40nm chips out to try and make the ps3 profitable and I think they are having issues getting production up to speed and until that is up and running at acceptable levels, they are making as few of the current model as possible and this will help minimize the losses they are taking on the current model by trying to match exactly the demand thus minimizing overproducing an unprofitable model. Is sales of the ps3 suffering because of this tactic? Yes, definitely. Is it a shortage? No. A shortage implies that demand is outstriping the ability to produce the consoles which is clearly not the case. Sony was able to keep up with demand of well over a million units a month for four months leading up to and through Christmas and that was on a brand new production line with a brand new product. The idea that Sony now can't 'keep up' with demand is utterly ridiculous. The only other possibility is that Sony is trying to create a false sense of demand in the marketplace by artificially restricting production as is a common tactic that Nintendo uses which is clearly shown now when demand for the Wii is at an all time low since it's launch but Nintendo still claims they 'can't keep up with demand'. lol I don't think that is as likely considering Sony has the smallest install base right now, I think they would take any sale they could make unless it was actually loosing them money.

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Godmars2903133d ago

That Sony has to be revamping their production lines to accommodate the new chipset? Both those conditions have to combine to say that Sony wasn't expected nor prepared to support raising sales.

Parapraxis3133d ago

Maybe the fact that it is a Blu-ray player, games console AND 3d ready has shot demand for the system through the roof.
@299$ it's a STEAL

bviperz3133d ago

That makes too much sense. Never looked at it that way...

TheColbertinator3133d ago

Must be from that new chipset I suppose.Still its not a good time for shortages with so many huge sellers like GOW3,Red Dead,FFXIII and UFC 2010.