Finally, Racing Games for Non-Racing Purists

Racing gamers typically fall into 2 categories:Gran Turismo fans and Kart racers. Finally bridging that gap between more mature styled art and gameplay with high-intensity racing innovation are Split Second, and Blur

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TheBest2953d ago

Uh ... no. It's three categories:

1. Kart racers (ie MK)
2. Simulation racers (ie GT)
3. arcade racers (ie NFS)

Split/Second and Blur fall into the third category, with both featuring a little bit of category 1.

vhero2953d ago

Split Second is TERRIBLE Point made..

sa_nick2953d ago

Then there's stuff like Trackmania for the PC. That might have a hardcore online community but overall its a pretty casual, accessible game.

Burnout Paradise?

Letros2953d ago

Trackmania is actually a lot of fun, there is a free version on Steam for anyone to download, I recommend it.

ironfist922953d ago

Sonic & Sega All Stars Racing
Modnation Racers

all looks like one helluva distraction from GT5 just around the corner.

NeverforgetNES2952d ago

I'm going to have to play some Trackmania now.