Square Enix Is The Modern Definition Of Fool’s Gold

Haipa Sonikku/Antonio Murray from GamesOnSmash writes, "Square Enix is becoming irrelevant through empty statements and false pretenses which affect the consumer and/or loyal base long term and the strength of their brand being hindered by an irrelevant platform install base and it’s mediocre technology."

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Mucudadada2985d ago

Damn well written article. Well done!

kratos1232985d ago

lol this line made my laugh
So where does this leave Tetsuya Nomura. Well, there’s always Level 5 because according to Square Enix and many other publishers, the name is the game, not the developer. Leave a comment.

my god man how can SE make such a statement nomura is the only jewel left in SE if i were them i would eat my words up like crazy

FarEastOrient2985d ago

This is a great article and it made me laugh about the Nomura-san predicament. The article didn't even mention that Square Enix got rid of it's internal music department so all those soundtracks you remember are now being outsourced for future games.

The only reason I follow Square Enix so closely is that I'm one of their bloody shareholders.

RageAgainstTheMShine2985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

" The rest in question is the Xbox 360. However did the rest actually welcome Square Enix with Final Fantasy XIII? Well according to the March 2010 NPD Sales data, no. Well that and the fact that there are more PS3 software showcased in that month’s Top 20 as well as this month basically smashed the tale that PS3 owners don’t buy games but that’s not the issue here. The fact that the majority greatly preferred twitch based gaming and/or Western RPGs i.e. Mass Effect 2 speaks wonders. The install base of the 360 lacks diversity compared to the other two platforms.

The National Product Data (NPD) Top 30 for the first quarter of this year (Q1 2010), in comparison of PlayStation 3 to the Xbox 360 in software sales, the 360 only showcased a mere three genres, First Person Shooter (FPS), Role Playing Game (RPG), and Action Adventure. The PlayStation 3 however showcased five genres, which are Sports, Role Playing Game, First Person Shooter, Action Adventure, and Miscellaneous (SCE/Quantum Dream’s Heavy Rain)."

" Well then where’s Microsoft in all this? Yeah with no disrespect to the platform’s developers, the company is basically an annoyance in this business. Just another American company with big money and small knowledge on it. " - Games on Smash

LiquifiedArt2985d ago

"Fools Gold" being used in conjunction with "Final Fantasy" and "Square Enix" as a whole is proably more accurate then they'd like to admit.

I skipped FF13 and until I see a REAL Final Fantasy title, I'll skip each subsequent one.

Def Warrant2985d ago

Same here man. I skipped FF13 knowing how bad it was. I'll save my money for a real next gen FF game :)

klado2985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

@ above...+ 1000..You sir deserve it.

Put ur ass off liquifield lol...+ 1000 for GHINASKY.

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NYC_Gamer2985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

who cares about 3rd party games going multi long as they're good...i'll admit the install base of both ps3&360 together is way too big for any dev to skip over...

Lex_Yayo_4072985d ago

If you specifically make a game for one platform you can achieve a lot more when the developers are focused on one console only. Let's take Red Dead Redemption for instance. What happen there? We are 6 years into this generation and your still putting out bad ports that look like that.

NYC_Gamer2985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

so you expect rockstar along with many other 3rd party devs to just skip over 40 million 360 owners or in vice verse 35.7 million ps3 owners just to make couple of ppl happy....remember they're in the gaming business...enjoy all the great 1st party exclusives and welcome the good multi ones

FarEastOrient2985d ago

In Rockstar's camp, the only reason that "The Agent" is exclusive to Sony is that $20 million is still owed. $20 million was payed as investment to make "Noir" but it looks like it is going multi-platform meaning that Rockstar got $20 million with nothing to show thus far.

If Rockstar didn't do something about it could've turn into a breach of contract instead of an amended one.

Red Dead Redemption is great game go get it! Weird thing is I hate watching Western movies but I love playing this game. ^_^

wazzim2985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

there isn't a big reason to develop for 1 specific console. It was all different in the SNES/PS1/PS2 era, those consoles had major sales advantages against the others.
A other reason is that the "loyal" fanbase is "loyal" so they will buy the next GTA/FF/Need for Speed, even if it's playable on a cereal box.

SE is doing just as good as all the other Japanese devs this gen, not that good.

@Lex_Yayo_407 Say that to Rockstar not making GTA3 for the Xbox 1 as a exclusive (I myself would have hated that cause I was the biggest Sony fanboy in the country lol) but instead taking the (alot) weaker PS2 as lead platform. (Love GTA3 as it is though)

sikbeta2985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

Nyc, you're not getting the Point, this is not about some third party game that fanboys use to "argue" ala Dantenetta or such, we're Talking about the FF series and specifically about How "not good" are the Sequels compared to those Awesome FF Games in the Days of Squaresoft

Now thanks to some Greedy Idiot like [Wada], FF series go downhill, Not for being Multiplat, cos it's clear that SE can't deal with 2 Versions and at the Same Time Push the Hardware as Much as possible like Squaresoft did, so we end up with Rushed Games, not Polished and with Content CUT

NYC_Gamer2985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

SE has put out crappy games on consoles this gen even the exclusives they have on 360 are garbage...the best games they have right now is on handhelds...

i was real pissed off when GTA4 went multiplat for alot of the same reasons but then i realised those 3rd party devs have no reason to stay exclusive unless they're paid too...thats why i'm happy sony has 21 studios

Lex_Yayo_4072985d ago

Look at the sales for FFXIII. PS3 version blew the 360 version out the water. Now how much information was taking out the game, 13 or 14 gb was it? Just so they can satisfy all of us "Jar Heads" on the 360.

ally123452985d ago

People wouldn't care if FF games went multiplat IF Square Enix could make a decent multiplat FF game.
But FFXIII was such a mess of both good and bad ideas, it seems like they NEED to focus on one console just to get the most outta a game.

Good multiplat RPGs can exist. But unfortunately Square Enix don't seem to be able to make them. I don't care about using one console to reach its full potential - I would have simply liked a better story, more likeable characters and less linearity. Oh, and maybe a battle system that doesn't play itself!

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Socomer 19792985d ago

The 360 doesnt deserve rpg's!
The system isnt built for prolonged usage.
RPGs Melt the motherboard.

JaeKuro2985d ago

Then how can I play Mass Effect and DragonAge for hours and still have my 360 intact? A mystery to us all.....

Milamber2985d ago

I've played through Oblivion, Mass Effect 1 & 2, Eternal Sonata, Fable II, FFXIII, Fallout 3 & Lost Odyssey on one machine and it has survived!

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