Champions Online: The Serpent Lantern Video

IncGamers shows Cryptic Studios' latest trailer for its new mission pack, the Serpent Lantern, featuring the evil Viper organisation.

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Maticus2834d ago

The scaling instance part is excellent, that's something I wish I could see in more MMOs.

Fyzzu2834d ago

Fully agreed. WoW's starting to do something similar now, isn't it?

N4GAddict2834d ago

It does look pretty cool

Djorgo2834d ago

Serpent Lantern, lol.

Saryk2834d ago

CO is one of the better MMO out there in my opinion. I played last night for the first time in awhile. There were a lot of people on so that is a plus. However I am so burnt out of MMOs, I believe that this one will be the last until, I read how good/bad SW:KOTOR is when released.

But I am glad they are adding additions to their game.

N4GAddict2834d ago

I can't wait for SW:KOTOR either.