Resistance 3

Game developers are talented people. They spend thousands of hours, sleepless nights and long days forging ideas to make their fans happy. In many ways, their work’s more difficult, more intricate that many other art forms including the movie industry.

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Sevir042926d ago

Resistance is an amazing franchise and I love it. The first one more. It had its own identity, unique feel and it didn't feel like a copy to anything. Gritty, bleak, and fascinating with a story that was totally brimming with awesomeness due to great narrative. The second one improved a lot of the first(s short comings but took out all the good that made the first stand out. Gritty looking graphics, weapon wheel, hero moments, and the narrator that tied everything together nicely. I love R2 but not like how I loved R:FoM, R2 was bigger and prettier and in some areas outstanding but it just can't hold a candle to R:FoM's innovations and identity and consistency. Good game but not R:FoM great.

With that being said the Work going on @ the Burbank Studio id going well and the game engine has progressed Well, by now the game that their studio is slaving away on should blow what I saw Oct 09 to itty bitty pieces. And that what I saw last year looked amazing already! E3 will be the shit!!!!

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vhero2926d ago

This N4G (news 4 gamers) Or O4G now? (opinions for gamers)

Arkham2926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )

Or "O4CS!". ;)


Quagland2926d ago

You've seen Resistance 3?

sikbeta2926d ago

R:FOM > R2

IF R3 go back to the Glory of R:FOM, That's a Win and I Hope so...

execution172926d ago

with the actual campaign in it, then it'll be R3>RFOM>R2

Cajun Chicken2926d ago

Hmm, I trust you with this one. You've mentioned a lot about going to Insomniac before...and never did anything of a kind with being an 'insider' before that.

chazjamie2926d ago

dude your comment almost made no sense. horrible english. not a good read.

FrankDrebin2926d ago

When they bring Resistance 3 out to the market I hope they improve the graphics....BIG TIME. The first two were UGLY games. Very disappointing.

mastiffchild2926d ago

What on earth do people fail to grasp about the middle game in a trilogy being a bit of a slave to the overarching story? It's often hard to set a second game accurately AND give it it's own identity within the series. Sure, Insomniac took a few bum turns with R2(personally I'd love them to have kept the posh bird narrating, kept the weapon wheel-it's an alternate history with little need for extra realism so let us carry thirty cool weapons, no?-and though the first game was a little gritty and rough around the edges I thought the day glo palette of R2 strayed too close to Halo territory and as a pretty similar game mechanic wise I thought it was unwise)but they were only trying to give the game a little of it's own "feel" and there were still lenty of good points many of us overlooked.

The shooting has always been under rated in the two games and the weapons(as you'd expect from the makers of R&C) are always a pleasure to use and imaginatively created to boot. Also, the visuals were great at some moments(when the Chimeran armada edges in above SF it's about as iconic an image as we've had this generation)but ultimately let down by a little patchiness in quality across the whole game. They knew they had the trilogy to make by this point(whereas they didn't when making the first game which they were just able to go more for broke with, imo)and will have known where the series ends up going and with that in mind the story of Hale's return to the US was always going to serve the third game just as much as it did R2. With this shackle removed(and think how we all got peeved at the story in Halo2 and even more when we didn't get what we'd thought from number three? Sometimes the story is a slave to the bigger series picture and cannot be all we might want for a particular game)I expect an epic tale and with lessons learned also expect a tigher, more focussed experience all round. for the first time it seems, in this series, Insom have the chance to really polish their shooter(the first was rushed for PS3 launhc and the second to accomodate the vastly expensive KZ2)-do NOT bet against this next Resistance being something of a classic.

I don't really agree that co-op in R2 wasn't good as I felt had they tacked another story onto it it wold have been vastly better than the vanilla experience of c-op in FoM and overall have to say the run and gun fun of the two games multiplayer was really good and almost totally lag free even in chaotic 60 player maps. Looking forward to this-and whatever the new studio's making! Two Insomniac games come E3?

FACTUAL evidence2926d ago

Resistance 3 will come...I think they should take it to the year 2000 now...They can have Nathan survive the bullet to the head...I mean he only has super healing abilities when he was a chimera......

ABizzel12926d ago

The problem, with Resistance 2 was Call of Duty. Insomnaic looked at other shooters to implement things from those games to make Resistance better, but the end results was like every other shooter set in the World of Resistance. They need to take deep long look at Resistance Fall of Man and add it back in.

sinncross2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

What R3 needs is simple:

From R1:
-The horror/ bleak-esque feel.
-Gameplay variety: vehicle usage.
-Story co-op: 2 player off/ online.
-4 player offline competitive mode: bot support.

From R2:
-Grand scale.
-Boss battles.
-Mission co-op: 4 player off and 10 player online with 2 new classes.
-Online multiplayer competitive mode.

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Socomer 19792926d ago

I thought this was a announcement?!
I cant wait for a new resistance.

I hope to get me James Grayson as our anti-hero.

BleuStreeks2926d ago

OMG I cant wait either bro...Resistance 3 is gonna shake the industry...oooooooo man I assume it will come out this november...and they will have an unveiling at E3 showing us everything.

Prcko2926d ago

Well all i can say is that i really can't w8 to see resistance 3!!!
I just want to see it right now :))

II Necroplasm II2926d ago

Yeah, too bad people submit blogs and articles on here with titles that look to be announcements....

Nicaragua2926d ago

Resistance 1 - awesome
Resistance 2 - poo.

table2926d ago

IGN gave that poo a 9.6, what a joke. One of the few people who got the R2 review right were actually Edge giving it a 6/10. RFOM was great but I hope insomniac just give up on the Resistance series and make a game that is not in an oversaturted genre. There's a lot of better FPS experiences out there before Resistance, which has obviously heavily plagiarised Halo.

lonix2925d ago

Halo is a rip off of doomguy and power rangers

mastiffchild2926d ago

6/10 is still harsh and the one thing I'd never slag a game off for is plagiarising Halo when(and I like and own EVERY Halo FPS)it;'s success is built ENTIRELY on picking the bones of PC sooters and bringing them to console. Also, there's NO Halo on PS3 so a similar style game should be both encouraged AND do pretty well. I agree, though, that they sometimes flew a little too close to Halo in too obvious ways(like the palette for R2)and esp with the second game.

I wouldn't take away their right to finish the series, hiowever, as they seem to have taken one for the Sony team and rushed both Resstance titles to date-maybe they can surprise us all with a greeat third installment. With the talent and imagination of Insomniac not in question i'm putting my money on the third game being a bit of a belter.

Also, R2 might not have sold as well as the first but it had a lot more competition(Farcry2, ME at the time as well as WaW and was then pt up against Gears2 and had PS3 waiting for the much eyed KZ2)and still sold over 2million(IIRC)-not bad for "poo" deserving 6/10. It wasn't as much fun as the first but it wasn't all bad, had some great moments and some great visuals(if patchy all round)and with a stronger position story wise this time out I really expect something special from Ted and the boys. If they return the things we loved about R1 and manage to give the game more of it's own ID it'll be just fine. Trust.

XxZxX2926d ago

Funny I don't remind I enjoying watching 2 girls one cup, but I did enjoying play poo... WTF?!!

spektical2926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )

I loved Resistance 2 more than RFOM

the only things that i didnt like was the lack of polish for R2, and the new weapon system. Other than that, it was amazing. :D

cant wait for R3, and please IG, bring back competitive multiplayer for R&C... its only the best.. R:DL RIP :(

Edit: i'm also vary biased for R2, because it came out on my bday, nov4.. which was a perfect gift.

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