Origin Stories: Alex Neuse on Bit.Trip Runner's Influences

In this edition of Bitmob's Origin Stories series, Indie developer Alex Neuse talks about the genesis of the Bit.Trip series and Bit.Trip Runner, his "severely retro" design aesthetic, coming up with the idea for Canabalt before Canabalt, and much more. Never-before-seen storyboards and concept art included.

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rod_furlong2799d ago

They must've been kind of pissed when Canabalt came out...

bbretterson2799d ago

I haven't actually gotten into any of the Bit.Trip games yet, but wow -- this game looks pretty awesome. It may be the first one I try.

OGharryjoysticks2799d ago

Now with rumble and a better soundtrack

atc19822799d ago

to many colors .. reminds me of Katamari