Extension of the Current Gen and Hardware Failure

With the extension of the current generation of consoles being extended past the normal cycle of five years, one has to wonder how those that are affected by the flashing three red lights on a Microsoft console will fare. Will customers continue to stay dedicated to their consoles as they are asked to start paying for this repair, or will brand loyalty start to come into question.

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DA_SHREDDER2951d ago

It dont matter. Its like buying your favorite CD over and over again. I went through at least 10 copies of Pantera Far Beyond Driven. I remember my dad breaking it in half in my face. I just bought it again. We love our addictions. As humans this is how it will always be.

Godmars2902951d ago

But we're not talking about $10 CDs that parents have issues with. This is about the CD player you use to play the wall of CDs your dad likely wants to take a bat to. Nevermind the additional investments involved with a subscription or time for repair turnaround, general downtime and lost game saves.

Sam Fisher2950d ago

i am not buying an other microsft product ever again, this is such a rip off, first the zune then the 360 and then windows vista, anything else micro comes out with, im not buying. u can quote me on that, idc if its the next big thing, f*** it, ill wait for a competition to crush it then buy that instead. i never had defective things in my life until this generation of products given by micro, u can say ima troll, to be honest i dont give a s***. micro fuked everyone over.

Anon19742950d ago (Edited 2950d ago )

I'm a gamer. But I won't buy another Microsoft made console until it's a year or so old and I know it's not faulty. Originally, when I bought my 360 I had started to hear rumors about terrible failure rates but I just thought they were a vocal minority. At the time Microsoft was still sticking to the lie that everything was alright and I choose to believe them rather then internet malcontents. Surely a company like Microsoft can't publicly claim everything's alright with the console if it's not true? They'd get their asses handed to them in court!

Yeah, that didn't happen. Microsoft lied for over a year, still hasn't come clean with how bad the problem is and slapped a bandaid fix on the problem, replacing faulty consoles with refurbished faulty consoles.

I don't know why they haven't been brought up against charges regarding the lemon laws down in the states regarding computer equipment. "If the company is unwilling or unable to make successful repairs. In such a case, the consumer is entitled to either a NEW COMPUTER (or printer, scanner, software etc.) or a FULL REFUND without charge, in exchange for the defective unit."

After multiple 360 failures it's pretty clear to me that Microsoft is unable to make successful repairs to my unit, not that they tried. Each time they just shipped me a refurbed console (I'm on my fourth now). What sucks is we don't have these types of Lemon Laws in Canada. I don't know why everyone down in the states doesn't take Microsoft to task when they're unable to fix broken 360 consoles but if we did I'd make sure that they either replaced my console with a new unit or refunded me back the $500 I spent on the unit itself when I bought it.

In fact these lawyers specialize in RROD issues and Lemon Laws. I wish I had had their help when I twice had to pay $170 for repairs and then Microsoft refused to refund the money back when the warranty was extended.


If Microsoft is jerking you around regarding your 360, couldn't hurt to send these guys an email.

Absolut_Turkey2950d ago

The point of the article is that if you own a "near launch xbox 360" then you're not "future-proof". It will cost $100 to get it fixed if it goes RROD, which over 50% of them do or already have done. And don't forget this line from the article, "...we are getting controllers that are meant to extend the life of the current generation of consoles..." So the Microsoft faithful can look forward to plenty of "quality" time with Natal.

Whereas Playstation 3's future is FAR brighter. Devs have yet to take full advantage of the Cell's power. Sony is providing 3D capability free of charge. Heavy hitting exclusives are coming out left and right for the PS3. And finally, Move is impressing all that have had the chance to try it out. In short, now is a good time to be a PS3 owner.

kaveti66162950d ago (Edited 2950d ago )

That sounds like a more personal issue, my friend. I'm wondering why you ended your statement with "micro fuked everyone over."

Microsoft didn't fuck me over. I've had my Xbox 360 since November 2007. I have put in thousands of hours on my 360. I have also never purchased Windows Vista, but have used it for 2 years on the computers at my university. I've never had a problem.

I recently purchased a netbook with Windows 7 Home Premium. After a few customizable tweaks, I've made it the best OS experience I've ever had. I've had Ubuntu, I've had OSX. I've had XP. 7 has surpassed my expectations.

Now, here's the response I usually get from the anti-MS crowd. "But Kaveti, your positive experience cannot be generalized to apply to everyone." My response is yeah, but your negative experience also cannot be generalized to apply to everyone.

Some people have bad experiences with products and make vows to never support the company who makes them ever again.

That's acceptable from a consumer standpoint, but when people start trolling forums and talk about how "ghey" or "bad" or "evil" or "greedy" a company is based on tidbits of information and fucked up personal experiences, I really have to shake my head at that. I'm sorry your 360 crapped out multiple times on you, or that you spent hundreds of dollars on Vista and ended up hating it. It happens.

Hey, some people may have gone out and purchased their first Toyota vehicle a year ago, only to have the breaks stall on them while driving. And then, they will vow never to buy another Toyota ever again because "Toyota fucked everyone over."

But I've been driving the same Toyota Camry for 3 years, and my sister before me, and my mother before her. And this Camry is from 1993 and still runs great. Best vehicle I've ever had. So, if someone comes up to me and says Toyotas suck because of that terrible incident in 2009, what do you think I'm going to say to them?

IRetrouk2950d ago

its not just one persons bad experiance though is it? if the fail rate is above 50 percent then its a bad product dont get me wrong i love my 360 but ive had 5 white ones replaced traded in my red resi one because it started saying my games were dvds and now the black one i own has gotten loud like an aeroplane, you can defend the product all you like but its a bad product you are defending, now dont get me wrong my sons 360 has been fine for over a year and my daughters is good too but that still dosnt take away the fact that the console is not reliable, it is in fact a very bad product. oh and more people have had an xbox fail than people who own an original day one bought console

Adrela2950d ago

@IRetrouk; I love your post. I really do. Yes, the failure rate is above 50 percent. Actually, no. It WAS above 50 percent. Despite what some people say, Microsoft DID realize that they pushed their product out there and they replaced the 360's the best they could, giving the customer little gifts. The old models were unreliable. Now they are reliable. The Jasper models are good consoles. The original, not so much. Maybe you should specify that instead of generalizing the models as a whole.

IRetrouk2949d ago (Edited 2949d ago )

so my red resident evil 5 console wasnt a jasper? i think you will find it was, it failed and now my 6 month old brand new black elite is getting louder and louder that is also a jasper is it not? asa i said i love my 360, but im not gonna defend a shody piece of kit.

and what gifts? i didnt get anything other than a months gold membership which i already paid for considering ive been gold from day one.

champ212951d ago (Edited 2951d ago )

While i dont own a console and never probably will. I do wonder, if someone owning an Xbox switches over to PS3(vise versa) they lose out on every game they bought on the Xbox. IMO that is a loss worth thousands of dollars.

Same question comes into play when a new generation starts, everything previously owned has the risk of becoming unusable with the next console.

Feels great to have invested in PC Games, where atleast thousands usd's worth of games are going to keep working.


I have 100's of games on my PC dating back to about 15years. Buying all of them all over again would be such a waste of hard earned money. I dont know about you, but i wouldnt like to part with my money in that way.

dizzleK2950d ago

it's like buying a new car. yea you've put alot of money into repairing the beater you drive around town but are you going to keep pouring money into a lost cause when it dies again or just cut your losses and get something dependable?

Sam Fisher2950d ago (Edited 2950d ago )

one thing i learned in economics is that if u buy that old beater and repair it, yes it will come out expensive, but it saves u in the long run. ppl that buy a new car every 3 years are basically using up money that could be saved for their retirement. u have to think bout the loans. u lease a car, u have to pay it off, then u take out loans, and by the time ur done paying, it takes about 5 years. so if u buy a new car every 3 yrs ur building debt, then credit gets f***ed and etc... so sometimes its good to invest on old then new. keep old car for 7 yrs and u have saved urself from working in ur entire life, i rather have a used car and say im not working than buying a brand new car and im stuck in traffic going to work.

Sam Fisher2950d ago

i lost money on buy a 360 with rockband songs, i invested on about $300 worth of songs starting from RB 1 for it and to be honest it hurts that i cant play it with out being worried bout my 360 dying on me, idc, when rockband 3 comes out ill start again but on ps3 this time

champ212950d ago (Edited 2950d ago )


Wrong example its not like buying a new car and losing out on all previous investments.

Like i mentioned i have classic games which i would never like to part with. When ever i do upgrade, Those games remain playable. I wont have to be worried at all when a PS4 or Xbox 720 Launch, cause i know the GPU or CPU i buy at that time will carry on to play the games i have owned for over a Decade, that is a BIG plus point for me. I cannot just sacrifice prior investments worth 1000's of USD.

With 100's of games available to me i dont have to run out to buy the latest games, i could rather wait for price cuts. Specially this hurts console folks when they buy a system at launch when not many games are available, usually they must go out buy what ever is available.

and how is it that you call it a old beater?, while my current PC is much much superior to any console out there.

Jack Klugman2951d ago (Edited 2951d ago )

the newer models of the 360 are more reliable. who knows if ms might even introduce a new redesign.

if my 360 breaks every week it will never get me to sell it and it certainly wont push me to purchase the ps3. i just dont like the console and it has its own hardware problems with ylod and a simple google search will produce more than enough evidence that it certainly is an issue many ps owners are facing as well.

can always tell the 360 had a bit of good news when the rrod articles start coming out of the woodwork. the article has a valid question but it is one that has been beat to death.

thebudgetgamer2951d ago

the only proble i have had with my 360 is it ate my episodes from liberty city disk. its only been three months im not worried though i have always had good luck with my consoles. aside from the 5200. what a piece of crap that was.

eggbert2950d ago

the author clearly stated "NEAR LAUNCH XBOX 360'S".

He's not saying every xbox is going to break. He's probably thinking that a lot of people who got refurbished consoles without the jasper chip are going to be pissed if their 360 dies when out of warranty.

Meryl2950d ago (Edited 2950d ago )

Truth is you are better off with a ps3:):)

xabmol2950d ago (Edited 2950d ago )

"the newer models of the 360 are more reliable." More reliable than not reliable at all? COOL!! lol

"who knows if ms might even introduce a new redesign." Here's to hoping MS will fix a problem that has only increased their sales.

"if my 360 breaks every week it will never get me to sell it and it certainly wont push me to purchase the ps3." Really? If my toaster broke down every week I'd sure as hell buy a different one, and make sure it's a reliable brand!

"i just dont like the console and it has its own hardware problems with ylod and a simple google search will produce more than enough evidence that it certainly is an issue many ps owners are facing as well." Lol, if you think ylod is anywhere near the numbers of rrod, a simple google search will produce more than enough evidence that it is not.

"always tell the 360 had a bit of good news when the rrod articles start coming out of the woodwork." No. You can tell that the rrod is a prominent issue among the gaming community.

"the article has a valid question but it is one that has been beat to death." 33% is MS's own numbers. 3.3 million of the first year 360 owners now have a dead console. And that is just rrod. Not E47 or disc tray problems.

Adrela2950d ago

@xabmol; While it is true that the YLOD isn't as bad at the RROD was, it's starting to get bad. There are more reports of YLOD appearing and numbers are rising, slowly, but are rising.

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Godmars2902951d ago

If it happened again, 2 years after having the replacement, I could see myself paying for repairs again if not just getting a slim. A third time would be the last time.

I'd probably apply this rule if it had been 2-3 times within a year and under warranty

Nathan Drake22951d ago

if the next xbox's failure rate is gonna be within the norm, how many units will it sell?

and also halo without bungie
probably no piracu because of blu ray

it will sell 20 million tops.

Wrathman2950d ago

your testicle is not a crystal stop rubbin it.

if you go by past trends..original xbox sales to xbox 360 sales...thats how you judge future sales of upgraded products.esp in consoles.

Tony-A2950d ago

Mine are....

The left sees the past, the right sees the future.

eggbert2950d ago

You don't judge a future console's sales by the current consoles sales. A lot of thing's factor in such as price, marketability, games, etc.

By your logic, any NEW video game system should get zero sales because there was no predecessor?

xabmol2950d ago

Bubbles to Weezy for that one!!

RageAgainstTheMShine2950d ago (Edited 2950d ago )

I believe that is how Mr. Michael Pachter does it when he makes his predictions!


Microsoft made this world so insanely crazy!


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