How Nintendo Failed The Wii [Editorial]

Carl Daniel of writes: If you told me 5 years ago that by 2010 Nintendo would reclaim dominance in the almighty console war and the successor to the PS2 would have to settle for third place I probably would have laughed in your face. I’ve never been a betting man but I would have bet my bottom dollar that the PS3 would take over the world, the Wii would gain a small, loyal following but ultimately be profitable for Nintendo, and Microsoft would discontinue the Xbox 360 by 2009 after it failed as miserably as its older brother. Luckily for me and the gaming industry I would have been wrong, because right now we have three successful consoles all happily coexisting in the same marketplace.

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Montrealien2951d ago (Edited 2951d ago )

mopre like, how to title an article to get hits, cause lets face it, one thing is clear, Nintendo Failed with the Wii.

Good thing thekoalition broke that little piece of news for us.

all kidding aside, I did enjoy the article, but the N4G title should also have the (editorial tag)

darthv722951d ago

keeping all the good development tools to themselves. an extent at least. It just means that the rest of the companies have to perfect their own tools to try and wring out quality from the wii. There are a few diamonds in the rough out there, especially on wii-ware.

Shnazzyone2951d ago

Since I can't see how when nintendo is giving it's console a metroid, a full fledged mario, A sequel to Sin and Punishment and possibly a new zelda all in one year... That it has failed it's console in any way shape or form.

The article is total flame bait.

eagle212951d ago

Just look at this quote: "In Nintendo’s defence, during the past 4 and a half years they have done more than enough as a publisher to appease their hardcore followers. Titles such as Super Mario Galaxy, New Super Mario Bros. Wii, Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Mario Kart Wii, Metroid Prime Trilogy, Super Paper Mario, Mario Strikers Charged, Wario Land Shake and Punch-Out are all frickin’ awesome and we still have the likes of Galaxy 2, Sin & Punishment 2, Metroid: Other M and an all new Zelda game to look forward too."

Duh, that's why the Wii is the best selling console on the market and why I personally can't stop playing it. Don't even get me started on the awesomeness of the virtual console.

Another quote: "Nintendo has also managed to draw in an expanded audience of both younger and older gamers and they’ve had great success thus far in releasing games which cater to this more casual crowd. Just take a look at the Wii Fit sales figures, that $90 title has gone on to sell 23 million copies worldwide. Furthermore if you were to consult an accurate list pertaining the best-selling exclusive games of this generation (ie. Games which only appear on a single platform) you’ll clearly see that Nintendo is currently responsible for the first 5 slots. Take that Master Chief!"

Duh, that's why Sony and MS are tripping over their feet to make Move and Natal. No one sells software like Ninty...NO ONE. Also, he failed to mention Super Mario Galaxy is the highest rated exclusive on any console. It's my favorite game this generation.

The only valid critique is third party games. Well being that most third party HD games are OVERHYPED...cough *insert new HD third party game here* cough....I really don't care about that. :)

littletad2951d ago

Praising the ps3, only in a "subtle" way. And dooming the 360 and Wii in his predictions. So yes, naturally it would end up being approved.

Vizion262951d ago

How about someone making an article how nerdcore gamers fail at having anything original to say? We've been getting articles like this for over 3 years.

PS360_372951d ago

They failed the hardcore gamer, but they didn't fail overall. They are raking in the money and nobody should blame them. This is why you see MS and Sony moving to motion, to do what Nintendo became the first to do, get the non-gamers to game.

N4g_null2951d ago

No they failed the PC gamer. You so call hardcore gamers don't even like any thing on the VC so you areot the true hardcore gamers, you are noobs.

Hardcore gamers play R-type, super C, mario 5, Sf2,3 etc and games like blu blaze.

You guys only want FPS and sims... along with sandbox 3rd person, and button mashing QTE replacments to point and click adventures.

Square follwed the so call hardcore gamers along with other developers and now these same gamers are turning on them because they all turned their back on the the real hardcore gamers.

Games are suffering to make good on the tech that HD gaming has presented and in this race it has staggnated game types and game play. No HD gamer will pay full price for a game that is not like a PC game, this breaks the success story of PS2 games that did not rely on graphics.

This is why most developers are not on the PS3 this gen.

eagle212951d ago

How Nintendo whooped everyone's arse. :)

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