Full Damage in Gran Turismo 5 Not Restricted to Race Cars?

Will Gran Turismo 5 let us smash production cars to bits?

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MexicanAppleThief2925d ago

I read somewhere that all cars will have damage, but premium cars with NASCAR and WRC will have interior damage.

Its upto to the manafacturer to decide these things really, no car maker wants to see their 'babies' damaged.

captain-obvious2925d ago

"I read somewhere that all cars will have damage"

same here

eggbert2925d ago

have against seeing a VIDEO GAME MODEL OF THEIR CAR being damaged. Is it really so bad?

shazui1232925d ago

just a varying level of damage. What is concrete is that "standard" cars will have a simple level of visual damage that doesnt impact upon the cars cockpit, however it will have the same mechanical damage as premium cars and that "premium" cars will have a more radical form of visual damage as well as this mechanical damage. Apparently a form of "real-time deformation" will be used for these premium cars so no pre-calculated damage like forza 3 except for the "standard" cars.

The confusion here is to what a "premium car" actually is. We all assumed before that premium= wrc, nascar. But this demo potentially showed that premium cars are not just restricted to wrc and nascar, so we may be able to destroy corvettes and ferraris to the point of "bolt-sized objects" flying off the car :D Hope that clears up any misconceptions :)

sinncross2925d ago

The problem manufacturers is have is simply that they do not wish to show off HOW their car can be damaged.

The fear is that if a game like GT (which attempts to simulate real life cars as accurately as possible) people will be able to see how easily a particular car can be damaged, or in what ways it may not be safe.

Granted, I doubt many people are driving their cars for racing purposes, but manufacturers. don't wish to possibly see a decline in potential sales.

For instance, would you really want to pay so much money for a Ferrari if you discovered that the entire front of the car can be completely smashed if you hit a wall at snails pace (ok weird example lol)?

They don't want sales to be hit negatively :)

thereapersson2925d ago

I wonder, then, how the Forza devs got away with being able to damage the cars in the game in such a deliberate way?

SmokeyMcBear2925d ago

its all in the way the car manufacturers licensed polyphony to use their car. From what I understand, the car manufacturers are very involved with polyphony to get the car models as close as possible, even exchanging 3d modeling direct from manufacture... but of course I could be wrong.

ShinMaster2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

Let's make that clear.

Why in the world does Forza insist on exaggerating the way the paint is scrapped off? It's pretty unrealistic the way a car is hit and the paint is gone. It makes no sense.

You'll lose no more than a bumper or two and the hood will be somewhat lifted with only minor dents.
But overall it's just a massive scratch-fest, even on the roof without it being touched!
I don't know how some people fall for this as "good damage physics".

[edit] The game is still fun though. But yeah, just pointing that out.

PirateThom2925d ago

Not to toot Gran Turismo's massive horn, but think logically about this.

Compared to Gran Turismo, solely from a sales, marketing and impact point of view, Forza is completely irrelevent. Every other racing game with real cars is IRRELEVENT. Polyphony Digital and car manufactuers have a good relationship, it gets PD a lot of resources because the car makers see it as advertising.

Manufacteruers don't call on Turn 10 or EA to make showcases for their real life models, they do call on Polyphony Digital. The fact the dash in the GT-R or the GT by Citroen and the showcase versions of games Polyphony have made for Nissan and Mercedes even exist should be testament to this.

This has created a problem, though. Do you think Polyphony Digital aren't talented enough to impliment a simple damage mode like Forza? Of course they can! Problem is, because of the way manufactuerer's view GT against how gamers and drivers view GT is different, PD want to maintain a balance of providing stunning realism, but also keeping the manufactuerers on their side. They consider GT one big advertisement and no car advertisement has shown the car smashed to hell.

It really is just that simple.

ShinMaster2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

Manufacturers do seem to look at GT to showcase their cars.
All else are simply videogames to them.

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iPad2925d ago

I just wanna try out NASCAR in GT5 and just go all out crazy crashing stuff. Lol. But when it comes to driving a Ferrari or Mercedez, I'm gonna drive like a professional. I don't wanna any damages my car. (:

BeaArthur2925d ago

I really hope this game finally comes out this year. I've been holding off on Forza 3 in anticipation for GT5.

freediro2925d ago

my only complaint, why, why, WHY??????????? no Porsche!? just pay them so i can race with one of the best quality road sport cars ever!

i mean i don't think i will ever touch, that talentless circle racing Nascar crap, i bet there will be plenty of DLC to keep gamers happy. Although this game is HUGE with content already.

C L O U D2925d ago

Theres RUF, their way better.

Microsoft Xbox 3602925d ago

We know nothing of the game yet. Kaz already said himself that they already had talks with Porsche about it. All we have to do is wait for E3.

lowcarb2925d ago

Well I hope they really raise the bar on what a car looks like when hit from different perspectives. I still remember the XNA car crash demo and have yet to see anything even close.

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