White Knight Chronicles 2 Carry Over List

The full list of things that carry over to White Knight Chronicles 2 has been revealed. Rejoice White Knight veterans!

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ShadyDevil2710d ago

now the wait for this game to reach the US..

Acquiesc32710d ago

This would really save me lots of hours of farming/grinding :)

Redempteur2710d ago

same here i don't want to start over .. for the guild rank ...

A notable thing to note in that excess storage might be destroyed ... so how huge is the external storage this time ?

TheHater2710d ago

say that again. Farming in this game as a [email protected]#$h

WildArmed2710d ago (Edited 2710d ago )

Agreed. And as for Platinium taking 1000+ hours..
It took me 520 hours.
and my brother 340 hours.

I'm happy that I won't have to grind to GR 15 again :D

But I dont know why people complain about quest grinding..
It's the same logic of grinding the monsters on an MMO to level up.

Plus, you'll be useless at high GRs if you didn't grind the materials for your quips.
You might as well stay GR 8, if you dont have the quips to be a GR 12.

xiren1872710d ago

I'll prolly skip this one...

raWfodog2710d ago

Haven't finished the game yet but its nice to know that a lot of my items/status will be able to be carried over.

ExgamerLegends22710d ago

The new site is far more duplicate friendly.

AbyssGravelord2710d ago

I'm actually glad they let this duplicate be published since I didn't read the original and might never had.

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The story is too old to be commented.