Red Dead Redemption To Sell Better On PS3?

NowGamer: With Red Dead Redemption launching in the UK tomorrow which way will format sales swing?

Her at NowGamer, we've noticed more interest in our PS3 review, with 68 per cent of all Red Dead Redemption review traffic clicking the link for the PlayStation version of the game, compared to the remaining 32 per cent interested in the Xbox 360 version...

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Droid Smasha2864d ago ShowReplies(6)
kvg882864d ago

but at my local EB Games, the PS3 version was sold out in a few hours.

Strangely enough, Just Cause 2 sold out a few hours after that.

Guess people were looking for an open world game and figured, what the hell - I'll get this instead.

Montrealien2864d ago

at my store is is neck in neck

60 sold on the Ps3

59 sold on the 360

darkmurder2864d ago

At the end of today at work we sold about 125 copies of RDR on 360 and about 89 on PS3

KillerBBs2864d ago

do you work in his store.

DelbertGrady2864d ago

Your store is unbiased? xD

HolyOrangeCows2864d ago (Edited 2864d ago )

Well, the exclusive content with Batman: AA and Dante's Inferno pushed the Ps3 a little further sales wise, but something tells me that we won't see quite the same results with a Rockstar game. Probably CLOSER sales, but still.

But like chanto23 said (Comment #7), it could be a bad thing, because Rockstar shouldn't be getting the idea that we don't mind bad ports.


EDIT: @Below
We could argue what constitutes as a "bad port" all day, but we all know that with a little more attention, the Ps3 version could have easily walked along side the 360 version.

Ju2864d ago

It doesn't matter. As upset as I am, not selling on the PS3 won't help either. It doesn't change the fact, the game is great in it's own, though.

I hope they appreciate the PS3 customers and fix the issue in their next game. Maybe Agent would be a good (re)start.

UnwanteDreamz2864d ago (Edited 2864d ago )

I don't think it is a bad port. Ghostbusters was a bad port. RDR might not meet some peoples standards in the graphic department, but why would you expect it to?

Multiplatform games don't set the benchmark on PS3.

Calling this a bad port when there are so many other games worthy of this seems unfair. Now the Orange Box on PS3 that was a bad port.

Double Toasted2864d ago

Actually, Ghostbusters was a smh moment, because the ps3 was the lead platform but was the inferior product.

UnwanteDreamz2864d ago

I agree but they didn't do it with GTA4 so why are we surprised? With more attention it could have looked better IMO.

I just don't see the huge differences here. It's like SF5 alol I heard was how much better the 360 version looked but when I played it at gamestop I couldn't see a difference from the one I played on my PS3.

DMason2863d ago

I'll drop a little unbiased knowledge here with actual facts.

-The Xbox 360 version #1 on Amazon (preorders)
-The Xbox 360 version is #1 on Gamespot (one of the largest gaming websites)

So, because more people clicked through on this crappy website, that means the PS3 version is going to sell better? That logic is scary.

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booni32864d ago

Its speculation. could or could not. not very newsworthy

njitram20002864d ago

I'm still thinking of buying the PS3 version because i want to be a ble to play online for free. If i get it for my xbox, I'll be missing out on multiplayer (because i refuse to buy a gold account)

PS360_372864d ago

These are the exact type of games I would prefer to play on my PS3. I guess others share the same feelings.

Either these numbers are off or the "PS3 version sucks articles" were completely ignored.

Biggest2864d ago

N4G isn't as well known as some people would like to believe. Out of the 72 people on my PSN list, 2 people know about the site. And they barely use it. Most of what we talk shit about on N4G is only for us. The rest of the gaming world doesn't care.

corneliuscrust2864d ago

were probably driven away by the insane amount of fanboys that ruin any decent discussion we try to have on here.

On BOTH sides.

Fishy Fingers2864d ago

Based on review traffic? Truly a new low. More likely people hitting the PS3 review because of all the drama over that version.

BeaArthur2864d ago

Journalism at its finest.

niceguywii602864d ago (Edited 2864d ago )

Not just because of the Drama over one version but because PS3 fans generally see reviews of high profile games as tools for their agenda. So they track reviews looking for points to score with a passion. The ratio would be similar even before Neogaff. I bet the ratio is around the same even with 360 exclusives.

himdeel2864d ago

...they scraped the bottom out of the barrel and are clawing at the bare cement floor underneath.

I'm convinced there is no such thing as game journalism. Just random articles with peoples random thoughts...


DMason2863d ago

Gamespot(much bigger website) lists the Xbox version at number one. Amazone preorders charted the Xbox version at number one.

So, who do I believe? A crappy website with no crediblity, or Amazon and Gamespot?

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