Kojima demos Metal Gear Solid 4 - Detailed description

The demo, which lasted a full 20 minutes, began in the same unnamed Middle Eastern locale as previous MGS4 game trailers. Snake started out on the second floor of a ruined building. Looking down, he saw tons of rubble from the remnants of buildings obliterated by warfare. The landscape was particularly detailed, with walls broken into various shapes and surrounding buildings uniquely damaged. When Snake zoomed in on the walls using a scope named Solid Eye (after the 3D glasses from Metal Gear Acid 2), they showed a high level of detail with little or no pixelation up close.

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aiphanes3928d ago

Why come he did not show this at E3?

This game surely would have won E3..

DiLeCtioN3928d ago

where the hell is the video....i wish someone leaks a footage dam

nasim3928d ago

which has cartoonistic Halo 3/Mass effect

and Gears with extremely low poly.

MS should stop the production of x360s.

how on earth do they combat ultra realistic games like LAIR,KZ2<FF13,FF13 versus,UNCHARTED ,R&C, HEAVENLY with their disappointing cartoonistic games

Jamaicangmr3928d ago

Why would you say something so clearly fanboyic? Does this make you feel smarter or something? I may prefer the PS3 much like you but come on there's trash talkin then theres the crap you just said. Cut it out man....

jromao3928d ago

... but it's exactly the same video we got on E3 except in japanese and it have "20th anniversary..." on it ?? no demo footage at all.

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Husso3928d ago

Quite possibly Greatest game this gen.

Robotz Rule3928d ago

Kojima son!

For such a great game that I WILL enjoy on my PS3,and best of all,no 360 version =)

fenderputty3928d ago

great. I want to see some footage though. All this info is like a big tease.

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The story is too old to be commented.