Peter Moore says Goodbye

Peter Moore talks about his tenure at Xbox, his successor and what's next on Major Nelson's podcast.

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cdzie14172d ago

1.5 million dollar bonus, less travel, family roots... he wasn't kicked out like I was thinking.

We turn the page!

Bloodmask4172d ago

Peter Moore. You will be missed as the face of XBOX.

Thank you for the interviews and for the Dreamcast. Good luck back in California and with EA.

Shadow Flare4172d ago

ps. i love you.....i think you're sexy peter. Your receding hair makes me wish i was gay....and thanks for looking so hot in pictures, you turn me on

cmon bloodmask, he's just a guy who did a bad job. Just like the Dreamcast. Retired? More like RE-FIRED

ps. #4 it won't

Mr VideoGames4172d ago

Mr. Mattrick is as said "the 3rd most expeirenced person in the Industry" haha this will make Xbox Stronger if anything

DJ4172d ago

but the guy hasn't exactly proven himself.

SF49er4084172d ago

Hello my name is peter moore and i have a funny accent. goodbye my friend you will be remembered until someone replaces you

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The story is too old to be commented.