Video Comparison: Killzone 2 Vs Gears Of War

A video comparison of Killzone 2 and Gears Of War. Check it out after the link.

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PS360PCROCKS3746d ago (Edited 3746d ago )

I have never done this before so hopefully it doesn't suck to bad but ya'll asked for it so I did what I could. Learning experience I guess... :)

edit: oh and these are full HD videos I used so if you watch it full screen so it's a lil bigger the quality is still pretty good. Just a heads up.

EDIT:: lol oh yeah don't you guys love the song? lol I have been called out and told off oh I dunna like 5 times by 5 different people for wanting everyone to get along so I figured it fit...

Edit:: I see alot of complaining at me, you guys were asking for it I just took the time to make you happy...gimme a break, don't shoot the messenger! even Sjappie agrees some of you were asking for it...

edit:: @ Manny here is a halo3 vs killzone comparison...

Rythrine3746d ago (Edited 3746d ago )

I got to get my fire blanket and fire extinguisher ready for this lolz.


I know, right. You better get your gear too to avoid meltdown lolz.

MannyHarlem1413746d ago (Edited 3746d ago )

uhh, i think Halo vs. Killzone would be more appropriate.. this is cool to see tho.. it's close but in motion with the physics, animations, lighting.. destructible environs and all the other good stuff.. KZ wins.. im no retarded fan boy neither.. i conceded that the resistance wasn't as pretty as gears

edit: u dudes, really need to stop swiping my bubbles man, can someone be so gracious as to help me get some back.. i have a 360 too! lolz

nasim3746d ago

BTW it is not a fair comparison.

you are comparing something which uses a large chunk of ps3's power to something that barely uses Unreal engine 3.0 and nothing else.

KZ 2 blows away x360 and all its games

ALI G3746d ago (Edited 3746d ago )

when the picture comparison was posted BS3 sandboys said"blablah blah Gears look better in pic but KS2 look better in motion" now take that haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa pre pre PS3, CELL POWER, KEN KATGARI , the next generation do not start until we say so, THE GANT ENEMY CARB, ps fanboys been served big meal of sony crab coast 600$ it seem it was not the best in The menu after all "JACK".hehehe

ALI G3746d ago (Edited 3746d ago )

the game been devolped for at least 2 years and coast todate $20M

it is not pre pre alpha

it is not pre pre alpha

it is not pre pre alpha

if this pre pre alpha than the game will come out

in 2510 and will coast over $100m

what they showed of gears of war in 2005 look like the final product why?????ask ur self people ?


both of them amazing but Gears uber amazing not only the graphic but also the A.I which TAKE COVER

hazeblaze3746d ago

It's pretty obvious that the game is still in pre-alpha, it has at least 8 months until it goes gold. Second, Gears in 2005 was NOT the same as the final product. Lastly, KZ2 did look better. The bump mapping in Gears was the only thing which looked noticeably better. But the environment and lighting hardly had the same graphical flare as KZ2. There was also much more detail onscreen in KZ2, seems higher res also.

Also Known As3746d ago

"gears still better?" <~~~remember that? The answer to that quote is a resounding YES!!!!! . "I TOLD YOU SO" Now here is another quote: "sony devotees have just realized that they payed $600 for an inferior platform"

JsonHenry3746d ago

Gears hands down.

Just look at the walls and ground textures in Killzone. Flat and two dimensional. Gears is all bump mapped and textured for your viewing pleasure. : )

Seriously, just look at the wall textures and the proof is in them that Gears is better looking. (at this time anyway)

InMyOpinion3746d ago (Edited 3746d ago )

Should have used some close up footage from Gears, the small embedded screen don't show the details. And why not footage from the single player instead of multi?

Next up, COD 4 vs. Killzone? lol

Machety3746d ago

What about we compare PS3's UT3 with Gears of War. The person who made this comparison is stupid and stupid again. First of all why compare different art style. If u want to compare GOW compare with UT3 because they are using the same engine. Killzone and GOW are different art style.
Anyway I cant wait until they start compare UT3 with GOW all the xbots are going to shutup.

PS360PCROCKS3746d ago

I sir am not stupid...thank you and good day.

Bordel_19003745d ago

Give me a break, these comparisons are plain stupid for a lot of reasons. I couldn't be aresed to start giving you all the reasons why it's stupid, you should know yourself.

TECHNOshamanism3745d ago

for the guy who liked the music if you liked that then youll love this

djcosta3745d ago

gears of war was made 1 year make a comparison with killzone2 which hasnt been yet made...even this big reason of unfair comparison gears rocks and think its much better from killzone2...just watch the enviroment of gears and its so easy to understand which is the best game ever made...

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Juevani3746d ago (Edited 3746d ago )

how can u compare a pre-pre-alpha game to a finished game?? is it just to justify ur purches?? well flash news, nobody cares about this game since they saw KZ2, the media is nuts about it since they saw it running live and actually played it, fallow the news u cant go wrong ;) and get updated kid...

cuco333746d ago

how can u compare a game that's been out for MONTHS and a game that's still due out and has been in the works for as long, if not longer than the other

cuz ya can

both look good. gears is a great game. kz2 looks to be great too

sjappie3746d ago (Edited 3746d ago )

the Gears footage is multiplayer for the most part. Remember, Killzone is still in its pre-pre-pre-pre-pre-pre-alpha. They have only been working on it for two years, it's probably gonna come out in a year or so and it's gonna blow everything away lol.

Rythrine3746d ago

I'm a PS3 owner but for graphics I'll give it to gears right now because its a complete game but KZ2 is still in pre pre-alpha stage. Tbh, its really pointless to compare them right now. We should wait when KZ2 gets completed then we can compare them. For gameplay, I think they shouldn't be compared with each other because they are two different genres IMO.

Cupid-Stunt3746d ago

better when finished, i still surport my 360 more, but killzone will have the upper hand when it comes to graphics, i will be buying it :p