Diablo Honoured by Multiple Fansites

Last year Blizzard held a "I <3 SC2" mosaic contest for fans to show their love for the famous RTS game (and to keep spirits up with no Beta). This year the fans of the franchise has surpassed Blizzard by starting a similar initiative for the big Diablo anniversary that is 29th of June.

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Bandreus2763d ago

Love this, will be sure to send in my very own Red-daddy inspired pic ^^

thetamer2763d ago

I won't beleive this is coming until it comes

King Klear2763d ago

I'm currently reading through the diablo novels. I've never liked D2 much compared to the first one, but I'm pretty excited to play D3 =)

Holyknight30002763d ago

yeah i plan to buy the archive and eventually get all of the books. My interest in the lore is growing. Much like when i started playing wow did i love the lore in that world so much more.

N4GAddict2763d ago

Diablo 3 will be awesome

Djorgo2763d ago

I wonder if pics can be R rated, since they are on a mosaic anyway. Can write Diablo on my naked GF's lovely body for instance ;)

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