Walmart Announces Gamecenter

Walmart is jumping into the online gaming arena with both feet with their introduction of their new Gamecenter. The new portal will offer
game previews, first-look exclusives and special savings for hardcore gamers.

As part of the introduction, Walmart is offering a $50 eGift Card for anyone who buys three or more titles. The list of games includes Medal of Honor, Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood, Fallout: New Vegas, and many more

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maawdawg2958d ago (Edited 2958d ago )

Walmart jumping heavily into the videogame marketplace can only be good for gamers.

More competition in the marketplace = more deals = better for my wallet.

randomwiz2958d ago

On the contrary, I hope it doesn't become "Gamestop gets this exclusive level, Walmart gets a different exclusive level, BestBuy gets exclusives skins"

BeaArthur2958d ago

Agreed, I hate that I miss out on some things just because I buy it from one place instead of the other. The best though is when they take that exclusive pre-order stuff and make it paid DLC at a later date...weak.

Hotel_Moscow2958d ago

i love wall mart i got a 52 inch sony for 600 dollars because they mis priced the labels with the 40 inch sony

Shendow2958d ago (Edited 2958d ago )

I know not every Wal-Mart is like this, but the one here will just be dumb about it, I couldn't get a game because they didn't put on the sells floor or even try to find it.

Plus the people at are Wal-Mart are so dumb that a guy pulled off leaving the store with a HD TV 40inch and the only why Wal-Mart found this out is by the guy coming back and taking a 2nd TV.

Plus are store likes selling more things about two to three days before the sale date.

P.S. 60GB hard drive for 360 is on sale/clearance for only $98.98, yeah don't ask me were they got that price.

BX812958d ago

ROFL! I find it funny that you would call some one else dumb with all the errors in your comment!
"sells floor"
"the only why"
"me were they"

Shendow2957d ago

We all have are days that we are bad at typing, so deal with it a$$hole.

BX812957d ago

LOL! I love how upset you got over this! I just found it funny as hell that you were calling your local Wal-Mart dumb and you then proceed to leave that poorly written comment!

DaRazorback2958d ago

Yeah I have seen that some in some Wal-Marts are that way, but definitely not all.

xabmol2958d ago

What, did Walmart kill you family or something?

blodulv2958d ago

My family? No. But many small business owners & employees around the globe? Yes.

The high cost of low prices... watch it. Haven't set foot in a Wal-mart since.

To each his own though!

shadow27972958d ago

It does suck, but can you really be angry at Wal-mart for conducting smart business? Isn't that what a free market is all about?

TheIneffableBob2958d ago

GameCenter is the name of GameSpot's now defunct game service.

Excalibur2958d ago

As it creates lots of competition….

that said I'll just stick with Amazon. ;)