Journey To The Darkside Complete, Starkiller’s A Clone

Nathan Schmidt writes...

"I apologize for my unprofessional and unseemly bout of nerd rage. I may be a little upset over the fact that Hayden Blackman and Co. are wiping their ass with another of my favorite Star Wars properties..."

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tdogchristy902979d ago

I never played the original Force unleashed. I am and was however an avid star wars fan and player of star wars galaxies. I know exactly what you mean by star wars no longer sticking to it's roots. Here's to hoping they can start making games that get back to the roots of what star wars is.

Komega2979d ago

Your absolutely right, how about getting back to what made LucasArts great. Maybe some X-wing vs.Tie Fighter!

Simon_Brezhnev2978d ago

im not a fan of star wars but i have a question will this game support The Move? If so i will probably get it and it would be great if it has multiplayer.

Komega2978d ago

I'm pretty sure there has been no word on "Move" support as of yet. Having a "Move" powered lightsaber arena couldn't hurt though!

Komega2978d ago

I heard that the creator of the Red Steel series is doing a Lightsaber game next as well, but not sure if it's Wii, PS3, or Natal.

michael10232978d ago

I just want a new Rogue Squadron!!! T_T

Sam Fisher2978d ago

i just didnt like the whole one gun is many thing, that was poor weapon designing to me. but really good game, or they should continue on battlefront and make it more badass or an other jedi academy game (im getting turned on just thinking bout it lmao) im srry ima star wars fan lol. i should go to EA and tell them my ideas

Armsgraph2978d ago

Its not as bad as it sounds. it could workout well. for me as long as the game play is better you can make as many as you want. just don't clone people again after this no one wants to see starkiller holding too many lightsabers in awkward places.

dizzleK2978d ago

thanks for the spoiler, dick.