Gran Turismo 5: New Corvette ZR1 Video Leaked

A new Gran Turismo 5 video shows the Corvette ZR1 on Nurburgring Grand Prix.

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viperman2402859d ago

Why do people always post links to that website when clearly all the latest GT5 news comes from GTPlanet.

If not just link it to the YT page which they all come from :/

PS360PCROCKS2859d ago

Thanks that was much better

Crazyglues2858d ago

I can't tell you how excited I am about the ZR1 being confirmed to be in the game, because that was one of the cars I really wanted...

Also you may or may not have noticed by they have really nailed the feeling of speed, if you played GT5prologue like me and remember how much it improved from Spec II to Spec III...

Then you probably also noticed just how amazing this current version is looking.. I can tell right away that they have really improved the feel of speed.. I know this game is going to be amazing.

It looks 3x faster then Spec III was in GT5p.. Can't wait for this game.

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NYC_Gamer2859d ago

GT5 will make every other racer seem childish....

Kurt Russell2859d ago

In in turn be a bit boring.

Best two racers on the PS3 are Ridge Racer 7 and Wipeout.
I really don't fancy a simulated drive to work.

xabmol2859d ago

I'm not a big fan of racing sims either. Only racer I'll be picking up this year is ModNation.

ThatArtGuy2859d ago

Burnout Paradise would like to have a word with you.

Strikepackage Bravo2859d ago

not true. So far GT5 looks more childish than many of the newest racers. Real cars just don't constantly lose grip that. Real cars do not all sound like blenders, and reals cars don't bounce off walls at 140 MPH without a scratch. What have you seen here that makes you think this makes other racers seem childish, cuz none of the other modern racers have these last gen flaws.

bigboss9112859d ago

wow... have you ever drove a high end car with no assists on??? trust me you would be surprised on how fast you can break traction. also they have damage in this one.. so ur comment on 140mph without a scratch is not true.... fail troll is fail.

Leathersoup2859d ago

There's only damage on specific cars in the game (rally/nascar).

I agree with your comment on the loss of grip but the sound in this game is quite exaggerated. I've felt loss of grip with no tire squeal at all.

djfullshred2859d ago

The problem with making a game with realistic physics is you don't get a sense of speed heading into a corner like a real car. That is the main difference between driving a real high performance car versus a visual simulation. Put too much throttle in a 3,000 lb car with 638 horsepower through a turn, and you will be in the wall or in the grass.

PSNTomaz2859d ago

Real cars also don't do ballet like they do on forza

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PimpHandHappy2859d ago

is one of my favs in this game

BenCrazy4242859d ago

Me too. It would be great if they have the camaro, too.

Redempteur2859d ago

is it me or the game load amazingly well ( and fast ? )

i wasn't expecting anything else but hey congrat for making it that fast ( loadings ) with this much fidelity

Brklynty12859d ago

People, those racing games you play are arcade racers. This....this is how close you can get to the real circuits. No other racing game comes close to this, its call "The Real Driving Simulator" for a reason.

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