Bulletstorm's Skillshot System Changes The Way You Play FPS' - PCF

Epic Games' subsidiary People Can Fly believe that the new Skillshot system in their upcoming title Bulletstorm will change the way gamers play first-person shooters.

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SpaceSquirrel2712d ago

Sounds interesting. Looking forward to Bulletstorm.

N4GAddict2712d ago

Is Bulletstorm coming before or after Gears 3?

SpaceSquirrel2712d ago

They will probably wait until fall 2010 for Bulletstorm.

mjolliffe2712d ago

I thought they put it for early 2011... Meaning Jan or Feb :)

Fanb0y2711d ago

The shooting/combat mechanics itself look great.

What I'm not digging though, are the environments. All we've seen are narrow paths.

Man, ever since Halo 3, I've been looking for enormous battlefield sandboxes to fight in. I don't think I've been satisfied in that respect yet... Bad Company 1 came close though.

scruffy_bear2712d ago

It looks good waiting on more footage

Logiistics2712d ago

Gonna be good i can tell.

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The story is too old to be commented.