IncGamers: Skate 3 Review

IncGamers' Andy Alderson on Skate 3:

"With the new Skate comes a new setting and fans of the franchise will be glad to hear that Port Carverton – unlike Skate 2's San Vanelona - is a true skater's paradise. San Vanelona's hostile security and skater sabotage have made way for the cornucopia of ledges, rails, hubbas, ramps, parks and spots in Port Carverton. The result is the best Skate game to date. And, let's face it, Skate has always been THE skater's game, so that's some accolade. While Skate 3 isn't exactly problem-free, it's clear Black Box has paid close attention to its community when crafting the game."

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Maticus3132d ago

Sounds like a vast improvement from the last one, worth a try in my opinion.

Fyzzu3132d ago

That's what I'm after. Skate 2 was great but it had some annoyances, particularly with the whole "pay money to free up ramps" thing. This sounds like they've taken the criticism on board.

AndyA3132d ago

Still the best then. Activision really screwed the Tony hawk franchise and sounds like they're setting up for another fall with Ride 2.

Dorjan3132d ago

I remember playing Tony Hawk 2 for hours and hours... how sad was I!

peowpeow3132d ago

My last Tony Hawk game was the first Underground. I think from there the franchise went plop

hatchimatchi3132d ago

tony hawk 2 was the last good thps game. It's still fun to this day. Skate though has completely taken over. Skate3 is awesome, port carverton is so awesome, so many huge rails and stair sets.

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