Guinness World Records Announces Top Mario Records Of All-Time

Alex from writes "Everyone knows that Mario is the face of gaming and why not hove a Guinness World Record book just for you. The world of gaming was forever changed when Mario made his first appearance in Donkey Kong back in 1982. Now, more than 20 years later, Mario is still ‘The Godfather’ of gaming as the most successful and enduring character in an industry which is constantly evolving.

May 23rd Mario makes his triumphant return in Super Mario Galaxy 2 and to celebrate the highly anticipated release the Guinness World Records 2010 Gamer’s Edition highlights 10 of the most premier Mario records featured in this year’s book. You can check out the records after the jump."

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eagle212712d ago

Can't no one do it like Mario. PERIOD. Super Mario Galaxy 2 is the best game coming in May and's, if's, but's, or maybe's with me. I am so tired of the overhyping and trumpeting of inferior software these days. Mario makes fun never retire. Whether it's Karts or Platforming, the KING is still Mario. :)

N4GAddict2711d ago

It will be topped again

turok2711d ago

Mario is the #1 and because mario is backed by none other than nintendo he will just continue breaking records.

Redrum0592711d ago

As much as I love the Mario franchise, f*** the Guinness world records.

klado2711d ago

Is older than your mother, so yeah, all hail to mario.

Sigh2711d ago (Edited 2711d ago )

I have a feeling Mario Galaxy 2 will take New Super Mario Bros. Wii's crown for most sold nintendo wii title.

eagle212711d ago

Wow, that would be an amazing accomplishment. NSMBW is already 14.7 million worldwide and still selling top 10 NPD, Media Create, and Euro charts weekly/monthly. Mario Kart is 22 million. I would love to see a new 3D Mario (SMG2) finally outsell the classic Super Mario 64 with 12 million sold (with full respect to legendary Mario 64 of course, it would just be awesome to finally see).

VegaShinra2708d ago

No chance. NSMBWii just had massive appeal. SMG hardly hit 1 mill in Japan.

farrelljade2711d ago

yeh i have to say mario is the king and i personally cant see that changing in my lifetime!!!

Akagi2711d ago

Let's not forget that for every good Mario game, there will be 10 crappy shovelware games.