Red Dead Redemption invisibility bug to be patched

Rockstar has said that it is working on the invisibility bug that is plaguing Red Dead Redemption and looking to get a fix out as soon as possible.

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Simon_Brezhnev2979d ago

they need to patch the PS3 controls too

retrofly2979d ago

Whats wrong with the controls?

Pennywise2979d ago

Nothing if you just try to get used to it. I would like to switch L1/L2, R1/R2... but its not a big deal.

I'm glad to hear they are working on it... losers need to beta test next time and not piss people off who spent $60 on an untested game.

BeaArthur2979d ago

Glad to see they are hoping on this one. Has anyone else been getting the Network Error message? It was fine the first day but last night I started receiving a Network Error message and couldn't play online.

Red-Dead-Roar2979d ago

YOU are beta testing it. europe are row gets the game tomorrow.

pimpmaster2978d ago

...european version is gonna be glitchy also. they cant patch it in 3 days

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divideby02979d ago

I totally agree. I am having such a problem adapting to the control scheme. I am continually hitting the wrong buttons.. My brain has been sold to use them a diff. way.. Never had this problem before.
Just give us a custom setup..

also how about patching (never gonna happen), the pop ins....pretty hideous... seeing a stockyard populate with animals right before your eyes... or how about walking into a room and seeing a picture frame appear like magic

How this game got such great reviews by reviews just washing over the graphical glitches with a one liner

xHarvey2979d ago (Edited 2979d ago )

The controls feel like walking on mud at least that's how it feels to me on the multiplayer side. I don't like the Physics ;/

MechaGear2979d ago

what about dropping through the land? hovering horses? lo-rider karts?

Echo3072979d ago

Lo-rider Karts? Wasn't that a pre-order bonus? ;-)

Hellsvacancy2979d ago

Im glad im waitin the extra week till i buy it (i ran up to much credit with my pot dealer this week)

So yeah, fingers crossed its patched when i buy it next week

peowpeow2979d ago


Buying for 360..damn friends.

RedDevils2978d ago

I got mine already like 14 hr ago :P

peowpeow2978d ago

Aus :) I was expecting 19th of May but Aus release is! Can't wait to play

JABT19852979d ago

that everyone is reporting has not yet happened to me. I couldn't be any happier with the game at all. The only thing that I see wrong with the controls is the horse controls. I wish that you could set up custom controls for everything. This may be my favorite game yet.

Pennywise2979d ago

Have you played online?

JABT19852979d ago

Actually, no I havn't so I guess my opinion is crap. I was trying to hone my skills on single player before jumping online and getting destroyed.

Pennywise2979d ago

Its all good... online is where the problems are. Your "skills" mean nothing as long as all the newbs are still using auto-aim.

RedDevils2978d ago

I haven't see any problem with both online and offline so I don't know what people complaining about

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The story is too old to be commented.