Is Call Of Duty: Black Ops set in the Nineties?

PLAY was curious as to what the Ural Mountains had to do with the Cold War, and so did a bit of Googling and found that the most significant connection between the two was a large-scale military facility at Mount Yamantau. Throughout the Nineties, the U.S. tried to find out exactly what was being built there, but no definite answers were ever uncovered. PLAY reckons this sounds ripe for exploitation by a Cold War Call Of Duty game.

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dgroundwater2864d ago

It jumps to different time periods right? I thought this was common knowledge.

N4GAddict2864d ago

That is what I believed

SuperMassiveGav2864d ago

Yes, but this article is more specific than that.

basicsameh5142864d ago

yea, but some guns in the game looked too "modern"

N4GAddict2864d ago

the trailer looks awesome. Call Of Duty: Black Ops should be great