Exclusive: New Force Unleashed II Screens

NowGamer: LucasArts has given us the first exclusive peek at its Star Wars sequel...

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Zerodin2859d ago

Sony's Wiimote copycat?

ExgamerLegends22859d ago

No I mean Nintendo's wiimote done right.

DarkSpawnClone2859d ago

don't be such a fanboy Zerodin lol nothing is original now a days.


Just imagine playing this with Move. Much better gameplay.

feelintheflow2859d ago

I really liked the first one. I know it was a bit twitchy and had some glitches, but it was extremely fun.

digoutyoursoul82859d ago

agreed, this one has multiplayer. fuck knows how thats going to work!

toaster2859d ago

Oh really? How would I go about contacting this "fuck" guy because I would like to know as well :/

I wonder how Starkiller would do force lighting though, because he is holding two lightsabers.

young juice2859d ago (Edited 2859d ago )

*SPOILER ALERT* i thought this guy died at the end of the first game.

Christopher2859d ago

Dark Side - Not dead, but serving Palpatine as a half-robotic guy like Darth Vader (not likely the path used for the sequel considering how you are now very disfigured like Darth Vader and reliant on robotic parts)

Light Side - Left at the feet of Darth Vader, assumed dead. Never verified.

jaosobno2859d ago

Looks mega sweet! I absolutely loved the first part, never understood why the reviews made it look mediocre. This game will rock!

ReBurn2859d ago

I enjoyed the story of the first. The gameplay was good, but it had some frustrating moments. Hopefully this game will improve on all of that.

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The story is too old to be commented.