Amazon offering exclusive pre-order bonus with Singularity

Amazon has revealed their exclusive pre-order bonus item for the upcoming first-person shooter, Singularity on the PC, Playstation 3 and Xbox 360.

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mjolliffe3045d ago

Can't wait for this! :D

N4GAddict3045d ago

I thought it looked generic at first but the time manipulation intrigues me.

SpaceSquirrel3045d ago

Singularity popped out of nowhere for me. It has a potential to be a sleeper hit based on the trailers.

Ether3045d ago

Haha, completely forgot about this game.

tatotiburon3045d ago

Prototype in retail disc or xbox games on demand?

Excalibur3045d ago

Glad it's almost here.
BTW Amazon is also giving a $20.00 gift card, pretty hard to pass that up.

chak_3045d ago

activision game, not buying.

When I'm saying "I boycott", I really do !

HammockGames3045d ago (Edited 3045d ago )

I'm of the same mindset.

I interpret "Activision" as "Nodickwantsyourmoneynowg immegimmegimme".

Obviously that merits a middle finger in response, as well as hiding your wallet.