Ignition's Blacklight: Tango Down Getting Promotional Comic Book

Jonathan Lynch writes: "There's been a pretty common trend in the video game industry as of late with many publishers using the mdeium of comic books to promote their upcoming games prior to release. Nier did it, Kane & Lynch are doing it. And now today we have word that Ignition's Blacklight: Tango Down is also."

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vgn242927d ago

Comic books and video games are slowly getting tied together closely.

ExgamerLegends22927d ago

Resistance comic was good so I'm hoping this one will be. Wanna see some gameplay but the trailer looks really good. Too bad breach wont be on psn cuz these would be 2 fps games I'd play all the time. I like sci fi shooters more though so I wont complain.

ExgamerLegends22927d ago

didnt know there was already so much gameplay of this.