Heavy Rain film deal close to completion: we discuss potential plot-lines

The rights to the Heavy Rain film are reportedly close to being picked up. But what could the movie feature to really grab our interest and break the mould of terrible game-movies.

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mistajeff3050d ago

i think the fact that they have to pick a specific plotline (obviously, since it's a film) undermines interactive entertainment as a medium. the point of heavy rain was to forge your own plot progression, and creating a film adaptation shuns this completely.

not that it can't be good, but i think they need to stop making games for every movie and movies for every game and let the two media evolve on their own. fingers crossed that the shadow of the colossus movie never happens.

just my 2 cents.

Scott6673050d ago

I think that it is weird that the game that was supposed to define engaging narrative in an Interactive Medium is getting a non-ineractive release.

The plot of HR wasn't completely amazing, but what set it apart (for me at least) was the fact that I was in control of the characters.

Take 'The Lizard' trial, for instance. Without spoiling anything, I think its pretty safe to say that the scene was made very effective by the fact that the player had to commit the act and had enough agency to influence the way that it was carried out, rather than just being a passive observer.