The Call of Duty 7: Black Ops Trailer Gets Analyzed by IGN’s Rewind Theater

"Just like when the first Call of Duty 7: Black Ops Trailer got slowed down by GT Pop-Block, this time, the full reveal clip has been analyzed by IGN’s Rewind Theatre"

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moho-foe3132d ago

After MW2 I told myself I would never give Activision any more of my money, BUT this game looks better and better. I might have to get it used...

N4GAddict3132d ago

Me too but this looks great.

tdogchristy903132d ago

That is my same response. After the issues with IW activision is no longer getting my money....I will however get it used about 6 months later, if nothing else for the story......aside from that it's MEDAL OF HONOR!!!! all the way for multiplayer!!!!

SeanRL3132d ago

I said that about WaW, but then i got mw2. Guess what? Mw2 sucked and so will this and the only way to show activision that we won't put up with their bullshit anymore is by not buying it.

N4GAddict3132d ago

Why? World at War was decent.

sam22363132d ago

Couldn't agree more.

It's by Treyarch, too. Their CoD games (CoD3 and [email protected]) suck bollocks, imo.

moho-foe3132d ago

IMO Treyarch had the Best MP Map design hands down Castle, Airfield, Hanger these are great maps expect for MP40/Jugg [email protected] was a great game.

Megaton3132d ago (Edited 3132d ago )

Totally agreed. I love and hate how fickle N4G users are.

*Activision releases flashy trailer*
"Can't wait to preorder the Prestige Edition!"
*Activision guts the PC version and jacks the price up*
*MW2 launches*
"I shouldn't have bought this shitty game!"

Rinse, repeat.

The_Firestarter3132d ago

That is oh, so true. Very sad...but very true. I give you bubble vote.

3132d ago
killer3aw3131d ago

and why people always keeps saying COD 4 engine is old engine and why would activision make new engine and spent more money when they review always give COD 4 engine grfx 10/10 (EX: ign to mw2)......It's clear that Treyarch have got their hands on all of the upgrades Infinity Ward added to the Modern Warfare engine during the production of MW2.Black Ops could turn out to be way better than you ever expected... we just have to wait for gameplay to show (E3)