Fallout 3 dev: Natal wasted on games

Project Natal is "wasted on games", one of the creators of Fallout 3 has said.

Microsoft should do what Apple has done with the iPhone and iPad and "open up Natal" so that anyone can make a Natal app, Bethesda production director Ashley Cheng said in a blog post.

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Trey_4_life2984d ago ShowReplies(5)
knight6262984d ago

Natal is nothing new to gaming and also playstations move but i still think move will sell more than natal

36T2984d ago (Edited 2984d ago )

Possible, but i highly doubt it. Hell, my mom knows what Natal is. I like that comment about Natal being nothing new to gaming. lol. Let me guess, It's a updated version of the PS Eyetoy?

Rampant2984d ago

So basically what he's saying is that Natal is so great that it's a waste that it is only used on games.

tplarkin72984d ago

He was saying that Natal has real potential, and that it will only be realized with an open system. MS has XNA and I'm sure they will include Natal in the near future.

I don't want to play my games by jumping, kicking, or flailing my arms. But, it could be very cool as an extra control set, above an beyond the hand-held controller.

R2D22984d ago (Edited 2984d ago )

Knight I respect your opinion but believe it or not NATAL has gotten into the conversations of soccer moms and on Santas wish list for 10 year old kids.

I love what I seen from MOVE and as hard core gamer its my number one pick right now when it comes to motion but my little sister saw the trailer with that girl talking to her BFF and picking a dress to wear and now she keeps asking me is NATAL here yet.

I dont know if NATAL will deliver half of what they promised but you got to give MS credit for knowing how to sell a product with out much information on it.

Doc Sony2984d ago (Edited 2984d ago )

Its really shocking how much faith some people have in Natal.

Back in the PS2 days when Eyetoy came out it was new and hip but that died out real fast.

The same will happen to Natal. It'll be fun at first, sure. But that won't last.

8thnightvolley2984d ago

it died coz sony was enjoying way too much success from the ps2 sales that it didnt matter... and so sony didnt push it .. besides they had no competition from no one.. so y would they bothered.. u think psn would be what is is today if the was no xboxlive..? we sure knw it wouldnt . so natal surely cant go they way of eyetoy.

JAMurida2984d ago

Agreed. As much as people say about MS, if it wasn't for the way Xbox Live was and just MS being in the game industry, Sony wouldn't of bothered with improving PSN or the other things that are on PS3.

IdleLeeSiuLung2984d ago

Agreed! I would also like to add that Natal is doing for gaming what Wolfenstein did for 3D gaming!!!

Hideo Kojima, known for creating the Metal Gear Solid franchise, had even higher praise. "[It's] like the 2D to 3D shift...that was the degree of shock I felt." He even believes the technology could expand beyond games and that "it has the potential to change lifestyle dramatically."

Inafune, known as the father of Mega Man and producer of Dead Rising and Lost Planet, told the crowd that Natal "surpassed my expectation" before continuing to say that he was "very impressed." Inafune mentioned that the fact that Natal builds on current technology is important for getting developers on board quickly and believes that "technology-wise, it surpasses anything that exists right now."


Adding the third dimension is monumental to making the experience truly immersive.

Furthermore, if you have an idea of how the technology works, you realize it is nothing sort of amazing. The fact MS can take a topography map of your living room head on and map your body to skeleton is amazing!

SilverSlug2984d ago

Not hardware. They might not be original, but most likely what they do will be better than PSeye. Sony should have supported it more.

Though, move, with Eye, looks good.

IdleLeeSiuLung2984d ago

I haven't seen to many things in my life that are original, but most great things aren't original. The iPhone, iPod, Windows, and etc... aren't original. Surely there were operating systems, smart phones and portable mp3 music player before those, but that should rob them of their achievement that nobody else was able to.

We will have to wait and see how Natal does, but I am for one excited about the technology.

spiky12282984d ago

I prefer PS3 MOVE, because I do not have a wii but I played it at my friends house and its fun but not worth buying a console. I would be more excited if MS copied Wiimote.

NATAL is just too gimmick. Who really have that much space in the living room and who really wants to move around after a full day of work. Most people prefer to play games comfortable. There is a reason why we have gym memberships. We don't need gaming device that mimic movement of sports.

R2D22984d ago

because you played it already and seen the upcoming list of games.

You like the Wii but think NATAL is a gimmick - MODS please delete my comment this troll is not worth the post.

spiky12282984d ago

Sony's MOVE is heading to the right direction because it's a Wiimote and wiimote are fun for gimmick games like wii sports. Sony is advertising MOVE like an add-on, so Sony has the idea right. MS talks as if NATAL is the future of 360 games. GEARS and HALO with NATAL ??

Games ??, didn't they showed off some gameplay concepts for Natal games at last year's E3. You swing and kick infront of the screen BIG DEAL.....that milo thing was fake too....

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