"You'll be surprised at how big Rock Band 3 is", says Harmonix

Gamer Syndrome: Ready to start talking about music games again? Get ready to dust off those plastic peripherals and actually gain some musical knowledge from Harmonix’s up coming installment of the Rock Band franchise in Rock Band 3.

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Yi-Long2894d ago

... like a real proper tutorial for actual drumming (instead of videogame-drumming).

Also wouldn't be surprised if there's a flute/sax in there this time.

toaster2894d ago

"flute/sax" --> Rock.. Band... Does not compute.

YourFlyness2894d ago

Why Not? Rock Band has already include other music that isnt considered Rock

tdrules2894d ago

learn an instrument properly ya lazy bum

Mr_Bun2894d ago (Edited 2894d ago )

The main focus on RB and GH has always been the Guitar....even in RB you have bass/guitar/rhythm/lead options....How exactly are you going to teach the guitar with 5 buttons?

@Yi Long

Flute... Really?

ThatArtGuy2894d ago

Some people would like to think Jethro Tull and his amazing flute are somehow rock-related. He even beat out Metallica for best Metal album in 1992. Aqualung is in Rock Band 2.

Of course, I disagree, and I absolutely despise that song.

ZeroBlitz2894d ago

Yeah... flute/sax makes no sense. If they were determined to add a new instrument, it would obviously be a keyboard - something that actually fits into a rock band.

ThatArtGuy2894d ago

Saxophones are all over the place in rock music. (Baker Street, The Heat is On, Mama Kin, etc.) Flutes only exist in Jethro Tull's world.

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Kurt Russell2894d ago


I still play RB 1 and need no other.

HarryM2894d ago

.. Only Guitar Hero 3 and that's it really. XD

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