NowGamer: UFC Undisputed 2010 Review

NG: NowGamer is first in the world with the review of this year's UFC outing and oh, god, it's good!

With so much changed this year, our initial fear was that it would play so differently as to lose the elusive magic it captured during its last outing. Then we came to realise that worse still would be a game that didn’t feel significantly different enough. It’s a fine balance, and one on which reviews of any sequel usually swoop down either side of, generally ripping out the game’s guts with heartless talons. It’s a point of view that’s no doubt just as frustrating for developers as it is the readers who give up their own personal time to listen to us bitch about it. Thankfully though, in the case of UFC 2010, the game has not only been changed significantly, but also in all the right ways.

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knight6263133d ago

second review i seen and its getting great scores from both of them cant wait to play this

jimmins3133d ago

Is brilliant. Take it from someone who was playing this 'til 2am last night.

UKdoaney3133d ago

can't wait to get this now!!!

see you in the octagon people ;)

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