Final Fantasy IX's Beatrix is the Cosplay Babe of the Week

Jonathan Lynch writes: "For this week's Cosplay Babe of the Week, we went back to a franchise full of some of the most popular female characters in gaming. Final Fantasy has so many popular female characters that it's almost hard to pick one. However, we were able to and we chose Beatrix from Final Fantasy IX this week.

Beatrix is available as a temporary character in Final Fantasy IX. She’s a top general and warrior of the all female army of Alexandria, and does not like to take a back seat to anyone, especially Kuja and his Black Mage army. Beatrix has a tall, slender, and curvy body with chestnut brown hair curled at the end. She wears a silver eye patch over her right eye with the left being a purple/reddish color."

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GunShotEddy2764d ago

Most underrated FF hottie from the series.

GodsHand2764d ago

So true.

And underated game for that matter.

vgchica2764d ago

There was always something about Beatrix that made her appealling. Tifa still gets all the attention from the series though.

Figboy2764d ago

Tifa has huge tits.

it really is the sad truth. as a character, she doesn't do or say much that is really worthy of the attention she gets.

Terra, Beatrix, even Garnet, are much more interesting and appealing characters to me in relation to the FF series.

although, don't get me wrong, i love huge jumblies, and i do like Tifa, so, go figure.

unrealgamer582764d ago

I've never understood the fascination for cosplay or looking at "hot girls pose"

Now what do you do? do you say wow shes hot and go about you're business?

BeaRye2764d ago

I prefer to think that people admire cosplayers and then go about their business rather than the alternative of picturing a bunch of fapping. Yes, I'd definitely prefer to think it's admire and then moving on, lol.

ChickeyCantor2764d ago

The girl actually looks pretty, but not in a "hot" sense.
But Seriously now that i look at her hair...No you dont go into battle like that...xD awesome.

vgn242764d ago

I'm pretty sure you make sure to have tons of fluffed hair extensions in before battle. :P

Kurt Russell2764d ago

I think it is stupid. Why would you want to dress up like a ninny?

HopSkotch2764d ago

This b*tch right here ran through my team every time, then when she joined my side she became weaker. Girl was pretty ridiculous fallin for a fat guy in a suit of armor

Akagi2764d ago

Oh great, another cosplay article on NEWS4GAMERS.

Ocelot5252764d ago

the nerds should pack their stuff and go to geekologie, this is news 4 gamers goddamit, not for nerds

this is why gaming is considered unmature

vgn242763d ago (Edited 2763d ago )

You mean "immature" Ocelot525? I would advise you do a quick Google check next time before calling people fictitious words. I don't think cosplay or "cosplayers" are necessarily nerds or geeks. I think they enjoy gaming on a level that may be even deeper than those who spend hours in front of the TV.

Ocelot5252763d ago

grammar fail indeed lol, english isn't my native language

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