Special editions could become the standard

M2G Writes:

Newly-installed Port Plexus COO, Marko Hein has told that Special edition copies of games could become the standard in order to help publishers compete with digital distribution.

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Christopher2978d ago

Honestly, welcome to six years ago. This has been kind of what's been going on with PC releases, especially MMOs, for years now with the large number of games available digitally on the PC. Now that consoles are going digital, it's not using a new standard but the same one that's worked for digital PC games.

Double Toasted2978d ago

Are you comparing something like Steam to retail products? I don't know what you're trying to say...

Christopher2978d ago (Edited 2978d ago )

Did you read the article? It's about retail special editions to entice people to buy them rather than going digital. This has been happening for ages with PC games and now it's happening with PSP and some XBox/PS3 games that have both digital and retail versions.

BeaArthur2978d ago

Doesn't really matter to me because I never look at art books or listen to soundtracks or any of the other stuff that come with special editions.

Double Toasted2978d ago (Edited 2978d ago )

If the article is referring to what I bought when I got RDR then its different than what you're talking about. I pre-ordered RDR, thinking it was just the normal(standard) copy. But it actually turned out to be a Special Edition, which came with the nice looking slide in cover that opens like a book. Along with that I received a couple of codes for an outfit and something else.

I didn't even request this special edition. This is what I was having a hard time understanding with the first person who posted. 360 version btw, at Gamestop...

Edit: My copy does consist of one of the things you mentioned. I have the whole soundtrack and a free outfit that doubles the recharge speed of the Dead Eye mechanic...and it cost the same as the standard edition I thought I was getting.

Edit: Oh ok, soxfan, if thats what he/she meant, then I understand. Good job clearing that up...

BeaArthur2978d ago

I was just making a general statement about collectors/special editions. I wasn't specifically talking about the article.

As far as the article goes, I think it makes an interesting point. I am actually loathing the day everything goes digital. To me when things start going digital they need to reduce the price and give us bigger hard drives. I'm not going to continue to pay $60 for something I don't physically own. Especially since these developers will be making a lot more money since at that time one would assume that the used market had been eliminated.

whitesoxfalife2978d ago (Edited 2978d ago )

I like buying S.E. and games on demand from 360 with them specials yea I might not look at the art book or take the stuff out the plastic but that is the beauty of it sorda like them old baseball cards we used to collect back then yea useless now but in like ten to fifteen yrs from now they just might be worth soment just on demand I love it even though I cant wait for them to put up a current game instead of older games... but the point I think dude above us is saying hey get our S.E.s from the store we will throw in some extra goodies don't buy online cuz we dont get the same return back ....I don't buy pc games no way but I think I got his point.... right cgoodno?

Edit: no problem double toasted....

Edit: I know you were making a general statement Bea Arthur lol we good pimpn

bloop2978d ago

Every frickin time I go into Gamestop lately they tell me, "oh, we just sold the last copy, but we have the special edition for €100". I'm all for special editions when it's extra game content, extra missions etc. Not when it's 10inch figure of Sam Fisher/shoddy night vision goggles/a top hat for the main character etc.

Tunerboy87322978d ago

If the price is the same as a regular edition then it sounds like a win win to me but if it's more then screw that.