Final Fantasy XIV: Alpha VS Beta

Andriasang: Comparison screenshot shows how things have improved as Square Enix takes the next step with its next MMORPG

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KILL-ALL-CURE2862d ago

Definitely looking forward to this game, the hard part is deciding whether or not to get it on ps3 or PC.

Reibooi2862d ago

Yeah I have the same problem. I love playing on the PC but I think I would need to do a bit of upgrading to play it and I don't have the money. One of my favorite things about FFXI was the mods so I was thinking I would wait a year or 2 and then get the PC version after I have the money to upgrade and that way mods will be out and I can mess around with them. Until then I will probably just stick with the PS3 version.

On topic however the game is looking better and better every time I see it. It seems they were not lying when they said the game was not finished visually in the Alpha which is amazing when you consider how good it already looked. Can't way to see the final version. I really hope they don't have to delay it into 2011.

Gun_Senshi2862d ago

if its like FFXI you can use one account on both ps3 and pc.

On FFXI I bought on PS2, downloaded PC Version and used same account to long in and play, depending on mood.

PC will have addons probably.

maxcer2862d ago

one of the reasons i stuck with the PC version of FFXI instead of the 360 counterpart was the ability to set my own resolution(ie.registry edit). that, and the overall better performance i got out of my PC.

hyaru2862d ago

I like the idea of playing an mmo on my console

Crystallis2862d ago

I need this game now..Why havent they opened the PS3 beta yet?

maxcer2862d ago

because the game is still in alpha, plus i wouldn't expect the ps3beta to arrive at the same time as the PCbeta. that will most likely occur in one of the later beta phases.

Milamber2862d ago

We'll be seeing this on the 360 too?

JAMurida2861d ago (Edited 2861d ago )

@ Milamber
So far it's only confirmed for PS3 and PC, maybe 360 will get it down the road...?

@ Kill-All-Cure
I would love to get it on PC but I don't the money to really upgrade to one yet, so I'm going to be going with the PS3 version of it. Comparing those shots, the improvements are looking a lot better than I thought which is good. Only problem I have is the framerate lag. I had FFXI on the console back than when I was playing and when you did things like campaign, besieged or any type of high traffic stuff, the game would slow down some but on my friend's PC that was unheard of. So I wonder if the PS3 will face the same problems and if so how bad will it be. Depending on that, I might try and save up for a new PC. Despite that though, I am very much going to be looking forward to this game.